The Great British Bake Off 8.07 - Live Blog

The Great British Bake Off 8.07 - Live Blog

Week seven of GBBO and we're into Italian week, aka "Oh shit we're really running out of ideas here, Ethel" week. I know the Italians probably have a wonderful, rich history of baking, but it does seem weird to base a whole episode around their baking history when the rest of the episodes are things like "bread" and "pastry". Although we survived The Great Victorian Week Debacle of Series 6, so we can probably get through this.

Keeping to the theme this week, my GBBO snack is a pizza. With chocolate digestives for afters, because (in the spirit of Talking About It for World Mental Health Awareness Day) I am quite sad today and intend to suffocate my feelings in a sugar and carbohydrate duvet as soon as the episode is finished. I'd drink an espresso, but that might tip me over the edge.

Sui tuoi segni, scendi, cuocia!

The Great British Bake Off

Initially broadcast on BBC one, but now on Channel 4, The Great British Bake Off is one of the biggest shows on UK television

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