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New Sherlock on New Year's Day?

There's a new series of BBC's Sherlock coming soon, but will it be shown on New Year's Day?

The show took viewers by surprise last year with just how good it was. Starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, written by two of the best Doctor Who writers (Gatiss and Moffat) and scored by the man behind Independence Day and Hot Fuzz, it received rave reviews and was almost universally adored. With only three episodes shown, Britain and the US has been panting for more ever since.

Tweeter @Ruther2, who is famous for spoilers, earlier tweeted this:

And if you nip over to Digiguide, you will see that they have Sherlock listed for 8:10pm New Year's Day.

Now this could of course all be wrong — maybe the NYD Sherlock is just a repeat — but if not then this is very, very exciting news.

You can find out more about Sherlock and watch old episodes here.

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