The Defenders: 1.05 Take Shelter

Identity is the name of the game in episode five of Netflix's The Defenders. We find our gang still finishing up the explosive gang fight that left us hanging at the end of the last episode Royal Dragon. In amongst the maelstrom of flying fists and feet, Matt and Black Sky (aka Elektra) are thrust outside and manage to have somewhat of a connection. Here is where the identity starts to come into play.

Black Sky was sold to Alexandra as a blank slate, a killing machine who can be controlled easily with no remorse and no feeling. Clearly this is not the case as something has carried over from her old life into her new. Matt is struggling with, but ultimately succeeding at bringing this out of her. Alexandra's quiet threat that if Elektra "does not serve her purpose" surely confuses Black Sky and her true identity further.

Take Shelter sees our heroes trying to keep their loved ones and families safe while each trying to work out their place and identity in all the madness. Particular attention must be paid to Jessica Jones who is the most frustrated of the lot; she feels that the main thrust of the story is her case and the others are just getting in the way. She is clearly missing the forest for the trees.

The standout scene in the episode is yet again comes from Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock/Daredevil as he tries to convince his former partner/secretary Karen that she is in danger and needs to lay low for a few days. The frustrations from Karen, because of her understanding of Matt's predicament, works well. As viewers you know you want to see more of this development but we will have to wait for Daredevil Season Three before we get any breathing space to let this plot point develop.

Matt Murdock finally accepts his calling to the disappointment of his friends and family as puts the Daredevil suit back on. "Nice ears" comments Jessica before Matt can rebukes "they're horns". The humour of this moment is a nice touch before he unleashes his internal anger and ruthless interrogates one of the leaders of the Hand, Sowande.

Sigourney Weaver again plays her character Alexandra well, coming across with a still, intense power and authority. This is especially seen in her interactions with fellow Hand leaders, as they question her authority and she stands strong and tall to quash any uprising that may be forthcoming.

The Defenders are fighting a losing battle and with everybody trying to find their place in this world, they need to come together as a combined unit quickly. With only three episodes left, the end is coming fast. Maybe too fast.

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