Game Of Thrones: 7.05 Eastwatch

After last weeks enthralling episode this weeks episode entitled Eastwatch couldn't (and shouldn't) have kept up the same high tempo action. What we find in here is an all together different beast, excuse the pun, with a deep dive into the political machinations of each family, their locations and their secrets.

One thing Game of Thrones did in previous seasons and did very well was take things slowly. People would walk or sail from here to there and it would take episodes, or at times even seasons. This year, Thrones has taken to its story like Usain Bolt out of the starting blocks, its been rapid! We find Bronn and Jaime gasping on the shores of last weeks battlefield giving us the "did he die question?" a definitive answer in a timely manner.

Family is the backbone of Game of Thrones, where loyalty to your blood supersedes anything else. Here we see Tyrion, the fiendish imp strolling the battlefield deep in thought about his predicament, actively fighting against his own family and how he got into this mess. This mess quite literally is shown graphically with the charred and eviscerated bodies of his enemies lying around him like a nuclear bomb has gone off after Danaerys' dragons have had their fun. This weeks episode is scarily prescient in todays political climate showing what could happen if one ruler takes a chosen path and actually makes the gravest mistake of all.

The biggest shock in this weeks episode is the revelation that Cersei is pregnant again with Jaimies child. The look on Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who plays Jaimie, is heart breaking and frightening all at the same time. Heart breaking because we know even if Cersei says different that the child cannot be proclaimed as his own and also frightening because with Jaimie becoming an anti-hero will this sway him to her side more even after Tyrion has had a secret meeting with him in the bowels of their home?

A connecting tissue between this weeks episode and last weeks episode is the director, Matt Shakman. Whereas last week he was able to ring out every heart pounding action beat from the script here he has the pleasure of directing a well written script with a dialogue heavy base as the flip side to this two sided episode run.

Returning characters of the "who?" variety include Joe Dempsie as Gendry who is picked up by Davos Seaworth. We haven't seen or heard of this character since Seaon Three but its interesting to see the character brought back into the mix. Seeing how much he has changed and how handy he is with a giant hammer is the fist raising scene of the episode. Its also good to see the return of The Brotherhood Without Banners, and The Hound, in tow.

As the episode ends we get to see what is truly beyond the wall, and winter has truly come as Jon Snow, Jorah Mormont, what's left of the Brotherhood Without Banners, Tormund Giantsbane, and The Hound head out to find an allusive lone White Walker to prove to Cersei that they are real and to call a temporary truce so they can join and fight a greater enemy than them.

A solid, well made episode and with only two episodes left of this particular season, plot points and action beats are flying thick and fast in a surprisingly fast moving storyline. I don't really want this season to finish let alone the series as a whole net year. May its reign last longer than the royalty of Westeros.

Game of Thrones

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