Fresh details on The X Files season 11 as new female writers and directors hired

With The X Files season 11 filming now officially underway in Vancouver, more details have emerged about the production and how the structure will follow season 10's format.

First up, TV Line has exclusively revealed that two of the directors for the ten episodes will be women. Carol Banker was a script supervisor on the original series run and directed an episode of spin-off series The Lone Gunmen. Holly Dale will also be directing, a veteran of cult television from Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles to Grimm to Timeless. While it shouldn't be huge news that The X Files has hired female directors, it does address some equality concerns raised when an all-male writing team was hired back in June.

Which leads to the second piece of news; the latest season has also hired three new female writers to join the existing panel of Chris Carter, Glen Morgan, Darin Morgan, James Wong, Brad Follmer, Gabe Rotter and Benjamin Van Allen.

Karen Nielsen, Kristen Cloke and Shannon Hamblin are all joining the writing team according to The X Files NewsThis comes after Chairman and CEO of FOX Television, Dana Walden announced that two female writers will be joining the season at a Today’s TCA Press Tour. According to an update from Indiwire, Nielson will write one episode, while Cloke and Hamblin writing another based on a story by Cloke's husband Glen Morgan. This suggests that Glen Morgan and James Wong will be back to writing one episode each, though it is not clear how much of this is based on creative decision making and how much a response to June's equality backlash.

TCA Press Tour, Walden also revealed some news about how the upcoming season was going to play out...

The season opener will pick up right after the events of the My Struggle II and revolve a great deal around the hunt for William, Mulder and Scully’s son, given up in Season nine's William and revealed to be the only way to cure a virus currently killing Mulder. The Cigarette-Smoking Man (William B. Davis) will definitely return and Walden hinted at further “allusions” to beloved but deceased character (as far as we know) The Lone Gunmen.

Apparently Carter will write the season opener and finale mythology episodes with the rest of the writing team covering standalone episodes for the remaining eight.

It was recently confirmed (not unsurprisingly) that Mitch Pileggi will be back as Walter Skinner. Season 10 returnee Annabeth Gish (Monica Reyes) has teased returning to Vancouver will filming is underway though her return has not been confirmed, while former season eight and nine main actor Robert Patrick has expressed an interest in returning as John Doggett. Let's hope we get at least one return appearance from Scully and Reyes' former FBI partner.

More news as we have it and check out all the news and our 'The X Files Revisited' over at our The X Files page!

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