Preacher: 2.05 Dallas

The promise of Preacher's second outing was that of constant forward motion: last season's finale felt like a palette cleanser, and the first few hours have seen Preacher, Tulip, and Cassidy on a road trip where looking back isn't an option. As bodies piled up and more villains were introduced, the show's train just kept on a-rolling. But as George Harrison once named an album, all things must pass, and with Dallas, the momentum screeches to a halt in an uncharacteristically retrospective fashion.

One great aspect of season one was how sparingly flashbacks were used, as the writers oftentimes refrained from showing viewers what was referenced in the past, and even when the flashbacks arrived, they showed only the necessary information. It's strange, then, that Dallas has several extended sequences that highlight information that, in the grand scheme of things, answer very few questions and basically serve as filler for an episode that doesn't have a lot going on.

Getting down to brass tax, after Jesse and Tulip lost their child when Carlos ditched them in Dallas, they decided to settle down, with Jesse spending his days drinking beer and watching TV and his nights drinking more beer and trying to put another baby in Tulip. But Tulip, as we already know, ins't attracted to a normal life, and decides to keep up with her life of crime. After discovering that Tulip has been using birth control to avoid settling, Jesse leaves her and heads back to Annville to reclaim his titular role.

Last season, these moments probably would've been chronicled in one sequence, but this feels bloated and dragged-out. The same can sort of be said for the present-day scenario: Tulip and Cassidy debate whether or not Jesse will kill Viktor, but he doesn't. Cassidy's presence is essential here, as he again forsakes his love for Tulip to remain loyal to Preacher. Also, his cheeky humor saves everyone else from taking themselves too seriously.

Then, of course, there was the final scene, where the Saint of Killers makes quick work of Viktor and, within seconds, is nipping on Preacher's heels. It promises an exciting confrontation for next week's episode, and the teasers hint at a cool hunt for the Saint's weakness, and perhaps a return to form for how Preacher handles its backstory.

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