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Back for a second series, it’s BBC Three sitcom Him & Her! It’s about a joyfully unemployed couple who live a carefree life of sex, toast and barely ever leaving their flat. And if you stopped reading after that description and the words “BBC Three sitcom”, I wouldn’t entirely blame you.

But despite all of that, Him & Her is actually really good. Partially, it’s the loveable performances of Russell Tovey and Sarah Solemani as Steve and Becky, but mostly the writing by Stefan Golaszewski is deceptively lovely, somehow making the more squalid details of their life seem weirdly sweet and endearing.


Because, yes, I actually find this show life-affirming. It never fails to make me smile, there’s good laughs each week, and the leads are one of the most convincing couples on television lately. So I’m thrilled to see it back and, having checked out the first episode, every bit as adorable as it was last time.

This isn’t a quippy, fast sitcom like The Big Bang Theory; it’s definitely from the 21st century school of comedy, showing us the awful ways we end up acting so we can laugh with nervous recognition. But much as I enjoy that humour in Peep Show and The Thick Of It, they get mean-spirited at times, so it’s good to get a little warmth with my realism.

If I had to pick a hole: although Russell Tovey is great in his part, his super-fit gym physique looks out of place on a character who refuses to get up or do anything. I’m not suggesting a fat suit, but he’s so toned that it’s downright jarring. Perhaps man-fancying viewers are able to appreciate the Tovey body, rather than grumble about “plot consistency”; I’m probably just jealous.

Anyway, there’s not much to do about that aside from baggier clothes, and it’s a good enough show to let that slide. Catch the first series if you get a chance, and look out for the new episodes starting tonight. Yes, you’ll have to watch BBC Three, but it’s worth it.

See clips from Him & Her and catch up first series by visiting its BBC Programme Page

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