We Recommend: Misfits

Misfits is a little gem of a show that would probably hate to be described that way. It’s rough and ready, its protagonists are all on community service for various wrongdoings. They swear, they think and talk about sex all the time, they have absentee parents, they’ve disappointed their families or they’re far too tough and streetwise to care. They have super powers, but they’re neither superheroes nor supervillains – they’re just struggling to get through their every day life and the powers can either be a boon or a burden.


In the first series, we were introduced to a small group of youths on community service, who, while begrudgingly cleaning up the streets were caught in a rogue lightning storm that conferred ‘super’ powers to them. These include, hearing thoughts, becoming invisible, time manipulation and an apparently devastating ability to make people want sex purely through the lightest touch. The group, who aren’t even friends to start off with have to come to terms with these powers, use, abuse and misuse them to comic or devastating effect and through doing this, they become bonded, even if they still have no real direction in their lives.

The show is brutal about swearing and the odd situations the group find themselves in. People mess up. There have been murders, which have mostly served to bring the group even closer together. The name ‘misfits’ definitely applies. So why should you watch? This is absolutely an example of a British television success. It’s got a charm and quirkiness that make it uniquely British (despite a US remake being under consideration) and it’s also a fresh take on super powers, so far removed from a show like Heroes, despite the same broad basis.


The third series starts on 30th October on E4. Don’t be put off if you’ve not seen the first two, as it’s something of a fresh start. There’s a new character joining the cast, which will allow for enough exposition to catch you up, and you won’t even have to know which character has which power. It’s a short series, packed full of cheeky characters, great acting by the entire cast and an irreverent look at a sci-fi staple – and it definitely deserves a wider viewership – so give it a chance!

Misfits airs on E4 on Sunday nights at 10pm, starting on October 30th.

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