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Making the jump from the big to the small screen

It used to be the other way around - a successful TV franchise making the jump to a big-screen feature length adventure, however three major films are now making the transition the other way. Duncan Jones' Source Code was the first to be announced as being given the small screen makeover, but now The Adjustment Bureau and Universal Soldier are following suit.

Source Code was Jones' second film, the first Moon earned him plenty of Hollywood cred. The TV series will expand on the film's concept bringing us something akin to a new take on Quantum Leap. Criminal Minds creator, Mark Gordon is writing the pilot for CBS


The Matt Damon vehicle, The Adjustment Bureau was based on concepts from the Philip K Dick novel of the same name and is well suited to a weekly format. The TV series will be developed by Freemantle Media with former Smallville producers Darren Swimmer and Todd Slavkin developing the series.

Roland Emmerich's, 1992 action fest Universal Soldier will provide the bombast that the two slightly more cerebral outings above may lack. It's being shaped by Damian Kindler (writer on Stargate and Sanctuary) and will be a cornerstone of Syfy's output when it hits our screens. Expect plenty of promotion!


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