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As you can probably imagine, here at the television section of the Digital Fix we watch a lot of TV. What you don’t know is that’s because our editor keeps us chained up in a basement, living on a diet of microwave pizzas and homebrewed energy drinks, whist every TV channel in the country is simultaneously projected onto our retinas. Because those of us who aren’t by now too obese to escape would simply lack the social skills to successfully reintegrate into civilised society, we have to find other things to look forward too.

So what could be more exciting than a list of brand new and returning favourite TV shows coming to your screen, or televisual torture facility, within the next 12 months?

Trust us, the list you’re about to see has got us so excited in anticipation we’re going to have to mop the floor!

Terra Nova – Autumn 2011 Sky 1


The series starts out in the year 2149 and the Earth is under threat of extinction. Luckily for us scientists have discovered a fracture in time that allows people to travel back to prehistoric Earth and plan to resettle the human race there.

The show is centered on the Shannon family as they join the Tenth Pilgrimage of settlers to Terra Nova. Sounds straightforward enough, but like any good TV series all is not as it seems.

"Even more threatening than what lies outside the protective walls of the colony is the chilling possibility that something sinister is happening inside Terra Nova. The Shannons will come to suspect that not everyone on this mission has the same idea of how to best save mankind; in fact, there may be forces intent on destroying this new world before it even begins."

Terra Nova could be the next big thing as far as TV shows go — after all it’s got Spielberg as an executive producer and dinosaurs! Expect to hear a lot more about this one on The Digital Fix.

The Walking Dead - Series 2 – Autumn 2011 FX


The first series was gory, gripping stuff and the second series looks set for more of the same, even after the controversial departure of Frank Darabont. Our group of survivors are now leaving Atlanta and heading into the countryside. If you’re a fan of the comics you’ll be pleased to hear rumour has it they’re heading towards the Greene family farm.

Have the French really developed a cure? What did Dr Jenner whisper into Ricks ear? Does Rick find out that Shane slept with his wife? Will my girlfriend continue to give me a weekly commentary on Andrew Lincolns bottom? We’re (un)dying to find out.

Life’s Too Short – BBC2 2012

imagePicture: BBC

Life’s too short is the latest sitcom from Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. The series takes the form of a single camera fake documentary, much like The Office, and follows 3 foot 6 inch tall actor Warwick Davis who plays a fictionalised version of himself. Gervais told the Telegraph "he's [Davis] doing this documentary to try to get his career back on track. He has a big tax bill, he's going through a messy divorce and he's trying to get back his Hollywood career. He's a conniving, back-biting little Napoleon"

If you’re still not sure whether to give this a watch or not maybe we can entice you with cameo appearances from the likes of Sting, Sandra Bullock, Steve Carell, Johnny Depp and of course Barry off of Eastenders.

Alcatraz – 2012


Based on a screenplay by Elizabeth Sarnoff (Lost, Deadwood), produced by J.J. Abrams (Lost, Fringe, Super 8) and Starring Sarah Jones (Sons of Anarchy), Sam Neill (Jurassic Park) and Jorge Garcia (Lost, KFC) Alcatraz is set to be one of the biggest shows of next year.

Alcatraz will follow Police Officer (Jones) and a geeky expert on the former prison (Garcia) as they investigate why 302 wardens and inmates that mysteriously disappeared fifty years ago have suddenly reemerged un-aged. There’s more than a whiff of 4400 about this one and we can’t wait.

Person Of Interest - 2012


Another J.J Abrams TV show and if that’s not exciting enough for you Person of Interest was created by Jonathan Nolan of Memento and The Dark Knight fame. The show stars former messiah Jim Caviezel as an ex-CIA agent and Lost’s nasty bastard, Michael Emerson, as a billionaire who’s invented a computer program that can predict violent crimes that take place in the future. The twist is the program can’t predict where or when the crime will take place or whether the person it sees will be the victim, a witness or indeed the culprit.

It sounds a bit like Minority Report to us only better, as we don’t have to put up with Tom Cruise.

Grimm - 2011/2012


Grimm is described as a cop drama with a twist, a twist brilliantly summed up by the shows tagline; ‘Remember the fairy tales your parents used to tell you before bedtime? Well, those weren’t stories, they were warnings’

It’s an intriguing premise taking Grimm’s fairy tales and setting them in modern day Portland, Oregon where homicide cop Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli) discovers he’s descended from a long line of hunters, or Grimms as they prefer to called. Grimms are charged with safeguarding humanity from the bad and creepy characters of the fairy tales that have now entered the real world. Who doesn’t need a fantasy/sci-fi detective drama in their lives?!

Awake – 2011/2012


Jason Isaacs is Michael Britten, a police detective who lives in two different realities. That already sounds so cool I could probably stop right there and still leave you wanting to watch it but I’ll tease you with some more.

When Michael Britten regains consciousness following a car accident he finds himself moving back and forth between two different realities. To remind himself which reality he’s in he wears either a green or a red wrist band. In the green reality Britten’s son Rex survived the car crash but his wife did not. In the red reality it was his wife Hannah who survived while Rex was killed. As Britten struggles with the different conflicts of each reality he begins to notice strange links between the two. Let’s hope this is as good as it sounds.

The Royal Bodyguard – BBC One Christmas 2011

Sir David Jason is coming back to the BBC for a brand new comedy. The new series follows former soldier Captain Guy Hubble who due to a misunderstanding is put in charge of security for the royal family. As you’ve probably guessed he’s useless at his job therefore hilarity is likely to ensue.

The BBC can be very hit and miss with its sitcoms so here’s hoping that if it was good enough to entice a living legend back to the Beeb that there’s a chance this could be brilliant.

The Borrowers – BBC One Christmas 2011

That’s right The Borrowers are back in a new adaptation starring Christopher Eccleston, Victoria Wood and Steven Fry as the bad guy!

This time around we’re promised a contemporary setting bringing the little people firmly into the 21st century, but there’s no doubt in our minds that we’ll once again see Arrietty and Spiller leaving the relative safety of under the floorboards and heading off on adventures around the house.

We’re pretty sure we can fit this 90-minute special into our Christmas TV viewing.

Once Upon a Time – 2011/2012


It seems fairy tales are going to be the in thing for TV next year what with Grimm and Once Upon a Time heading our way.

The executive producers of Lost bring us a story about Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison), a bail bonds collector who learns from her estranged 10-year-old son that she comes from an alternate world and may be the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming.

The New England town in which she lives is called Storybrooke (get it?) and is basically magically twinned with the fairytale world. The official synopsis describes it as a place ‘where fairytale characters are alive, even though they don’t remember who they once were’.

Cue the inevitable battle between good and evil, and set it to series link.

This is only a shortlist of the TV we’re looking forward to — there are just way too many shows heading our way to mention them all. Here are just a few more that we just couldn't fit in but you should be watching anyway - Sherlock, Pan Am, The River, New Girl, Napoleon Dynamite, Free Agents, Touch, Lost Girl, Misfits, Sons of Anarchy and Being Human. With TV like these you should probably quit your job and secure your place on the sofa now.

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