American Gods: 1.07 A Prayer For Mad Sweeney

American Gods: 1.07 A Prayer For Mad Sweeney

Again, we ate granted a few moments of time with Mr Ibis, the god Thoth, undertaker and the teller of tales of the gods. Ibis and his brother Jacquel, have been our guiding light, with stories of life and stories of death. And it's about time we saw how Mad Sweenie was brought to the New World. This tale though ran a little long, especially as Mad Sweenie features so little within it. Long enough that it needed to be broken up into component parts throughout the episode. An origin story tale away from the main narrative, much like Laura had. And in many ways, it's still Laura's tale, to moon to Shadow's sun.

What makes this episode special though is that it's another opportunity to showcase Emily Browning's range as an actress. Here, as well as being there for the last days of Mad Sweenie as Laura Moon, she plays Essie MacGowan, the woman who brought him to the New World.
And it's here that the root of Mad Sweenie's rage against his life is revealed. It was on Odin's command that he caused the first death of Laura Moon, the event that threw Shadow from his orbit. His life has been one of luck, some good, mostly bad.

The pace of American Gods episodes can be a bit erratic, jumping around as it does between Shadow, Laura, and the backstories of the personae dramatis. But I enjoy that, it gives it a leisurely pace, adds an element of the unexpected to every episode. This season sadly only has one episode left, but I feel this could run and run. I really hope it's not too long until we get season two.

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