Prison Break 5.09: Behind The Eyes

So here we are at the end of the most absurd and convoluted storyline of all time. When Prison Break was first shown in the summer of 2005, it was fresh, it was new and had an interesting storyline that was easily stretched over a 24-episode season. Now here we are in the summer of 2017, Netflix and streaming rule the world with 'revival event' series are all the rage with Twin Peaks and The X-Files recently returning. Whereas those series have gone from strength to strength, here we are left with Prison Break, a hulking mess of a show which is well past its prime and can no longer square up to the big boys of television.

After last week's episode ended with smeared blood on the front door of Sara's home, we find out the person shot is Van Gogh who was sceptical in Michael's involvement in Gaines' murder. The episode starts off absurdly with A&W in a wig dressed as Sarah, like something out of Psycho. Before passing, Van Gogh provides Sara with the location of Michael. Jacob continues his brainwashing of Mike as Michael gathers the group, including Blue Hawaii, to bring down Jacob. Lincoln meanwhile is injured and taken to hospital. He dutifully escapes and ensures Luca gets arrested. So much happens in so little time this episode that it's hard to keep up. Originally the season was planned to be ten episodes but had to be cut to nine and it shows here. The episode and its writing feel rushed.

Michael with his uncanny ability to see into the future, lures A&W and Jacob to a secluded warehouse to reenact Gaines' murder and prove Jacob's involvement. During the attempt Whip is shot and killed by A&W who is then killed by T-Bag. Michael's plan works and they are both arrested. While all this madness is going on, Lincoln and Sara locate Mike and capture Theroux. With evidence planted by Michael and Theroux's testimony, Michael has his identity as Michael Schofield returned. He is offered a job by the CIA but he refuses and goes back to normal life. Meanwhile Jacob is sent to Fox River and has a cellmate in T-Bag who gingerly smiles as the episode ends.

Over the nine episodes of this revival the shining light amongst the fog of absurdity was T-Bag, played by Robert Knepper and although absent from a few episodes his storyline was what kept me coming back. The absurdity of the brothers storyline just got more convoluted and complicated as the episodes wore on. The series has finally been cancelled and long should it stay cancelled. Some things in the past are best left there. Locked up for life with no chance of parole.

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