Lucifer: 2.18 The Good, the Bad, and the Crispy

Lucifer turned into a surprise success for Fox and we saw that reflected in the extensions of season two to 22 episodes and a third season renewal. But the schedule has certainly been confusing, with a number of episodes held back for a bumper third season, making it unclear with this season was going to an end (IMDB had season two down for 19 episodes). As such, the finale crept up on me sooner than expected, but when it was here there was no doubt that The Good, the Bad, and the Crispy was the culmination of everything that had happened this season.

I've been waiting for Charlotte to become the villain we all suspected she would be and her transformation into the big bad was good, though I think the show could have gone further. After frying Chet Ruiz at the end of the last episode, her desperation to return home led to a shocking and brutal attack on Linda. I was genuinely worried Lucifer was going to write Rachael Harris off the show, first her suspension by the ethics committee (which was frustratingly abandoned this week) and then at the hands of Charlotte as she let slip clues to Lucifer's real plan.

The episode didn't need to show the horrific attack but Mazikeen and Amenadiel discovery of her bloody body in her trashed office was worrying enough. It took Amenadiel slowing time itself (something I was also concerned would kill him) to give Mazikeen enough time to get Linda to the hospital. She's the best human character on the show and this episode was truly the culmination her of journey as confidant to Lucifer and Mazikeen. She ended the season barely alive but seemingly able to forgive Lucifer. I'm intrigued to see where her story goes next.

As for Lucifer, his attempts to deflect Chloe away from Charlotte as the prime suspect in Chet's death ultimately failed, leading to the dramatic showdown at the pier where his mother threatened to kill everyone. I liked the final twist, sending her not to Heaven or Hell but a place of emptiness to create her own world. It felt like a satisfying end to her character. Tricia Helfer was never going to last beyond season two, but she certainly made her mark, mixing vulnerability with her arrogance to stop her from becoming a stock villain. She will be missed.

There were some other fun moments in the lead up to that final showdown; Amenadiel working through his issues with his father a Dan's improve group was hilarious, particularly his take on the giraffe giving birth in a zoo scene. I'd like to see more of their pairing; perhaps a whole episode in season three of just improve? I also adored Trixie nursing Lucifer and Mazikeen's wounds after their big showdown last episode. Ultimately only Chloe became a bit of a non-entity in the finale, but then separated from Lucifer for much of the proceedings, she always will be a less exciting part of the show's ensemble. Also her inability to see what Lucifer really is has now become ridiculous. She even openly asked him to use his persuasive powers on a suspect; after 31 episodes, she comes across as a bit of an idiot.

However the season ended with Lucifer ready to confess everything - cue his abduction and waking up in the desert of what I assume is still Earth with his angelic wings restored. What that means for the prince of Hell now, we'll have to wait and see until the mammoth 26-episode season three.

Despite a few frustrating moments and dropping of old plots, The Good, the Bad, and the Crispy largely resolved Charlotte's story in a satisfying manner without every completely destroying the status quo. I don't think Lucifer will ever fulfil its full potential, but it continues to be a fun addition and as long as it leaves a smile on my face, I'll happily keep watching.

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