American Gods: 1.05 Lemon Scented You

Once upon a time in America...
We begin once more with Mr Ibis retelling a history of the immigrant gods, this time in stop motion-style animation. A tale of the death of gods; to be forgotten is to be no more.

After last week's flashback, it's time for Shadow to try to come to terms with his dead wife being present; and her past. It's not easy, but as he says, it's not the strangest thing that's happened to him since he left prison.
Strange things like he new gods, whose acquaintance we make once more. Gillian Anderson's Media has changed her appearance from Lucy to Bowie, in a stark contrast to the vintage feel of the old gods journeys. And she brings us word of a new foe, the complex Mr World who is pulling the strings of the New Gods.
All things are starting to come to a head in this episode: Shadow and Wednesday arrested after a tip-off and Mad Sweenie finding Laura to get his coin back. Of course, Sweenie's luck's still gone, while Laura holds it all. Shadow's is not much better, with the intervention of Media in his legal troubles. Of course, now she's in the guise of Marilyn Monroe, in case you thought Media only had one face to show the world. She is here as a herald of the mysterious Mr World. Crispin Glover is fantastically creepy in this role, nebulous and spooky and inscrutable. A merger is proposed, of the old gods and the new, horrible and impossible.
Shadow understands as little of this as the Technical Boy. And audiences are also confused, but bit by bit the picture is getting clearer. Like the old gods fought the Titans for control of the world, so too do the new gods vie with the old. A dying breed, scraping for fragments of belief. Odin, for such is Wednesday, leads the guerilla war, seeking allies and angles. And isn't to be trusted in the slightest. Brian Fuller's direction though? We can trust that entirely.

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