Supergirl: 2.21 Resist

Here we are at the penultimate episode of Supergirl and I wish I was a little more excited.

After last week’s cliffhanger, a Daxemite fleet has appeared in the sky over the city and Kara and team go into overdrive as the city is put in lockdown by Mom-El’s armed forces. This is the kind of full blown invasion of Earth you’d expect the JSA to help out with, or at least Superman? I can’t decide if huge, planet threatening events work in Supergirl, if only because we’ve established, at the very least, Superman exists. Also, Batman probably exists and its fair to assume that Wonder Woman is kicking about out there somewhere too. Not to mention, Kara has one of Cisco’s devices that allow her to pop to other Earths, where she could enlist the help of Barry and his buddies. In a world with multiple heroes, events that threaten the entre world really become bigger than Supergirl.

Chyler Leigh, who is my absolute favourite, has a great opening stunt. She gets to do the baddass jumping from a building then turning round mid jump to shoot the person behind her stunt. I love the confidence that Kara will catch her and wish we could see a bit more of this side of their relationship. With the DEO compromised and J’onn apparently out of action, the team need somewhere to set up a temporary base… yup. That sodding alien bar.

Probably my favourite scene in the whole episode is when Mom-El is talking to President Lynda Carter via videophone and Cat turns up on Air Force One! This show has been screaming out for Cat Grant to come back and everything is lifted as soon and she appears on screen and a scene where Ally McBeal, Lois Lane and Wonder Woman go toe to toe is pretty cool!

Lena gets some fun stuff this week, after waking up on the mothership – she doesn’t question how she ended up in a sexy, black lace dress – she is confronted by Mom-El (as well as the horror that she, inadvertently, helped cause) who still seems to want her as some kind of protégée. Later (after changing into a sexy red dress) she’s told she has to marry Mon-El or the Daxamite ships will start blowing up kids hospitals? It’s a bit of a random decision by Mom-El, who considered Kara so biologically beneath her son, that she would want human Lena to marry him but, hay ho. I do love how ‘done with this shit’ Lena looks when she and Mon-El finally escape.

Of course, Jaaaaaames makes an appearance. I do find it genuinely lame when people who know who he is call him Guardian. Its like that one guy you used to work with who insists you call him the nickname he chose himself. Jimbo ends up at Catco, just as Cat and Winn need saving. Its actually pretty frustrating that the Daxamite solders looks exactly like Guardian. The soldiers costumes are generally very cheap looking, like an evil hockey gang form an 80’s post-apocalyptic action movie. Cat knowing instantly that Guardian is Jimmy, dismissively pointing out she can see his eyes through the hole in his helmet was a beautiful moment. Damn, I’ve missed Cat.

This episode really is a bit of a mess. There are too many things happening for the sake of plot maneuvering. Like the President showing that she was an alien. The fact she kept telling the DEO to stand down from attacking Mom-El in past episodes is casually put down to the fact she’s a pacifist? But now she straight up tells them to destroy everyone? You realise that the mystery of her being a secret alien was just mystery for mystery sake. Also, where is Superman? I may genuinely have missed a line somewhere but it seems like no one has called on him for help? And if the explanation for why he’s not there really is so quick I could miss it, its not been given enough time.

Eventually Kara teams up with Lena’s mum to help her rescue Mon-El and Lena from the mothership. I’m bored at this point by Mother Luthor, though we do get to spend some time in the Fortress of Solitude, which is always fun. But again, where’s Superman? While Kara and Mummy Luthor head to the ship for the rescue, Alex and Maggie break into a facility that has a super gun. The only gun on earth that can destroy the Daxamite ships, obviously. This again doesn’t make sense, why has Alex taken Maggie with her? She has dozens of trained DEO agents who must be at least almost as good as Alex and definitely more appropriately trained than a cop?

Kara does have a wonderful heart to heart with Cat, again showing what the show has been missing this season and Cat’s broadcast to the people of the world, telling them to fight back against the invaders is fantastic and so heavy with Trump allegory she might as well end it by saying “Trump, I mean Trump. This is about Trump”.

I really like as well, Kara going back to Mom-El to give her the opportunity to surrender rather than just run off and blow up the ship. That’s what I want to see from my Supers, compassion and compromise and trying to save the villain.

This is by no means a bad episode but this late in the game and with so many missteps in the back half of the season its hard, at the end, to find myself getting really excited for next week’s finale. We’re given a cliffhanger that perhaps explains one of the annoying parts of the plot this week but, as is so often the way in this show, you know that particular hurdle will be overcome before the opening titles roll next week. There was much to like this week; Lynda Carter, Cat Grant returning, Jimmy being emasculated and made to look silly by an awesome woman. I really loved Lena dressed up like the princess on the cover of a crappy 70’s sci novel (though I can’t tell if it’s sort of a joke or just cheesy design?) but unfortunately I felt like the whole was a little lacking in focus and logic. Hopefully next week’s finale will tighten things up and give us a bit of a clean slate ending for a fresher Season 3!

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