Doctor Who: Spoiler free preview for The Pyramid at the end of the World

After last week's big twist, part two of the 'Monk trilogy' sees the Doctor still blind and prepared for an alien invasion of Earth. This time, Steven Moffat is joined by Peter Harness, who of course gave us the Twelfth Doctor's excellent anti-war speech from series nine's Zygon two-parter. And The Pyramid at the end of the World certainly retains the modern day, gritty UNIT feel of that tale while telling it's own unique story.

The monks continue to be a wonderful, terrifying creation and the pyramid setting adds a sense of grandeur to them; the episode delves deeper into who they are and what they want and audiences won't be disappointed. But at the same time, their role in the episode is probably not what you might expect. The episode takes a few interesting turns over the course of the 46 minutes and and leaves you eager to find out what happens next, not just for the three leads but the fate of the Earth.

As for the Doctor, Bill and Nardole, this triple act continues to delight, though Bill takes a bit more of the spotlight again out of the two companions. It's fascinating to see the journey she is taking over the course of the series. There are moments in Doctor Who history where a companion is forced to take an action that challenges them completely and this episode might be one of those moments.

It's hard to say more without spoiling the episode. For my eleven year old son, this was the best of the year, though I think I still preferred the chills of Oxygen more. But in terms of ramifications, The Pyramid at the end of the World might be raising the stakes higher than ever before...

Doctor Who

The long-running BBC TV science fiction series that started in 1963 and recently celebrated its 50th Anniversary. 2017 saw Peter Capaldi regenerate into the show's first female Doctor played by Jodie Whittaker. The Thirteenth Doctor's first season debuts in 2018, with Chris Chibnall replacing Steven Moffat as the current showrunner.

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