Lucifer: 2.17 Sympathy for the Goddess

With just three episodes left of season two, there was some well deserved development in several character relationships this week as Sympathy for the Goddess brought to the fore a number of plot points. It might not have been as fun as some episodes (I can't say the pairing of Charlotte and Chloe lived up to its potential) but it certainly felt as if Lucifer was addressing a number of long overdue character issues.

I was surprised Linda being investigated for ethical violations had not come up before; after all she began her role as Lucifer's therapist in season one by having sex with him in exchange for her services. Given the lengths she has gone to, like helping Lucifer arrange a break out from a psychiatric ward last week, it's hard to argue that she hasn't been continuously ethically compromised as a therapist. But Rachael Harris continues to delight in the role and adds sympathy to her character that could be easily lacking so that her fate did seem unfair. Naturally Mazikeen and Lucifer took on her case, with the Devil only making things worse by revealing he and Linda were lovers.

As for Mazikeen and Lucifer, we saw how just far apart these two friends had drifted this season. She was his closest friend and ally in season one and yet the arrival of his mother and his renewed bond with Amenadiel has seen the gap between them widen (thank god for the pairing of her, Chloe and Trixie this year). Lesley-Ann Brandt might be a very fun badass in the role, but her hurt and betrayal after learning Lucifer planned to return to Heaven was expertly portrayed. Their confrontation over these actions turned violent and bloody, though I was a little disappointed we didn't see the fight itself, only the aftermath. At least Linda was able to offer one last bit of therapy advice before she left, allowing Lucifer to realise just how much he had hurt her.

The search for the final part of the flaming sword saw Charlotte in some shady dealings with one of her criminal clients Bianca Ruiz to locate the missing piece, an act that ended with one of her go betweens murdered and providing fodder for the case of the week. It was nice to have something more intrinsically linked to the plot in a way that allowed Charlotte to join the investigation. Carolina Gomez's Ruiz also made a great villainous foil too for both Charlotte and Chloe to defeat after they teamed up to infiltrate one of her parties in search of incriminating evidence against her. But I wished there had been more made of this partnership.

One of the things Lucifer has done in the past is pair up different characters with surprising results (who doesn't loved the bond of friendship between Mazikeen and Linda?) but this one did have the humour I was expecting. Perhaps it's because Lauren German only really sparks when she's playing off Tom Ellis. Even her relationship with Kevin Alejandro's Dan is rather dull. Far more amusing though was the scene with Aimee Garcia's CI Ella as she tried to suss out Charlotte. Tricia Helfer might stand out as a great addition in season two, but Garcia is another great piece of the ensemble, arguably more than German or Alejandro.

The episode ended with Lucifer realising that the final piece of the flaming sword was the key Amenadiel wore, suggesting he might be God's favourite son after all. Awwww. Charlotte might be getting more desperate to return to Heaven but with the sword ready, it seems as if things might really take off in the final two episodes. I have just two requests. Make sure Linda is an essential part of the show even she really has lost her job. And isn't about time Chloe Decker really found out the truth about her partner?

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