Prison Break 5.07: Wine Dark Sea

Last weeks episode of Prison Break being one of the worst episodes of the show period, this weeks episode entitled Wind Dark Sea, directed by Kevin Tancheron and written by Vaun Wilmott strives to be better.

After all the madness of recent episodes, Ja decides to stay behind in Yemen as the gangs time in Yemen comes to an end as they head off to the Greek island of Crete. Lincoln being concerned about his brothers worsening condition calls Sara for help. They finally reunite as she joins him in Crete and heals him. He inevitably tells Sara that Jacob is indeed Poseidon. The writing of the character of Sara has been off all season long, this character was a medical professional and in previous episodes she was written as convinced that Jacob was Poseidon, then not and after Michaels revelation, convinced he is. It comes across as inhumane and silly. Inhumane in the sense of not acting like a rational human being and a mother to boot. It doesn't come across like the Sara of old, a strong independent person who has conviction. Sara returns to the US to get Michael Jr. and keep him safe with a friend but they are subsequently captured anyway.

Michael reunites with Sucre who is working aboard a vessel that can help them escape for the price of Sara's grandmothers' beloved ring. The captain fins out that the terrorist Outis is onboard the vessel and calls the authorities. Navy SEALs are despatched to the ship along with a hunting Jacob. Sucre formulates a plan to get the SEALs distracted as Jacob fires a rocket on the ship as the gang jump off. At this point the episode has lost me as its become a Micheal Bay film when in reality it should play out better in smaller cramped surroundings of you know, oh I don't know, a prison. Meanwhile, Kishida, the new Kellerman confronts A&W and Van Gogh in a plane hanger but is gunned down by a comically large gun as Jacob hovers above the bloodied corpse.

I really wanted to be positive about this event series of Prison Break but as we ramp up to the end of the series for good (it's already been cancelled) how this series is going to play out is anybody's understanding or guess and how the series was retconned into bringing Michael back means the average viewer won't believe it anyway. So far a waste of a once fantastic concept, stretched to the point of absurdity.

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