Prison Break 5.06: Phaecia

This weeks episode starts with the team still on the run, and in hiding, from the airstrip after C-Note has taken off without them. They confront Omar who is on his way to the middle of nowhere in the surrounding desert called Phaecia to get the prying eyes of ISIL away from him. Offering a second vehicle to the team (that they have to collect themselves) he crosses them when Whip is left behind to help him by alerting ISIL to the gangs position and pistol whipping Whip.

As this 'event season' has progressed, the plot feels like that late 90's classic mobile game Snake. Constantly chasing its tail and in danger of getting itself twisted in a knot and/or eating itself. At the start of this season, being apprehensive to what Prison Break season we are getting. I hate to type the words but this is definitely a Prison Break of Season Three or Four and not of the classic First or Second season.

A&W and Van Gogh are released on bail and convince an CIA insider to help them find Michael. Michael and the gang are travelling in convoy and they stop at a petrol station to gather fuel. At this point the plot takes a swerve into the absurd with Michael finding a computer with an internet connection. The team are in the middle of the desert and yet he finds a secure computer and a fast connection to upload a screen shot of himself with his eyeball hand tattoos on display. Absurd. Van Gogh alerts ISIL and Omar is killed, with Whip killing the ISIL operatives.

Michael's team continue into the desert and are soon notified that Cyclops is on their tail. Michael devises a plan to split the convoy and another hugely unnecessary scene plays out as Michael plays the 'shortest straw' game with coloured rocks to see who will go in the second car alone as a diversion. Michael picks himself, so I would question the scriptwriters, what was the point of that scene if Michael picked himself anyway? He should have just said " I go alone" and be done with it. Michael diverts Cyclops to follow him and manages to blind Cyclops for good by stabbing him in his remaining good eye but Cyclops manages to stab Michael with a poisoned blade. Michael is notified of the others position by fireworks and manages to barely reach them.

The episode concludes with Agent Kishida, having replaced Kellerman, is tasked with investigating his death. As mentioned above, the revival of Prison Break is simply unneeded. Most, if not all, of the revivals and 'event' series before it have garnered strong reviews and bring something new as well as old to the TV landscape. This brings nothing new. The saying goes 'you can't teach an old dog new tricks' and that phrase is apt here.

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