Lucifer: 2.16 God Johnson

Lucifer has always presented a 'unique' take on religion, from 'wronged child' Lucifer Morningstar to God's 'wife' the internal goddess that currently goes by the name and body of Charlotte. So it's no surprise that the show had a go with God himself as Lucifer came face to face with good old dad in a psychiatric ward.

Because where else would you encounter the creator of all mankind?

Getting in Psych's Timothy Omundson in to play God Johnson was a wonderful move, giving him the gravitas and charm to play the father to Tom Ellis's Devil. There was a great dynamic between the two characters as God proclaimed Lucifer by his ancient name and Lucifer tried to ascertain if really was the father that had cast him out of Heaven. Wrapping it all up in the investigation into a murder of an orderly and having Lucifer checking himself in 'undercover' added a fun dynamic and actually gave the murder case purpose.

I'm not sure it was all politically correct though, but Lucifer has enough glossy charm to paper over those concerns. There was a certain cringe worthiness in seeing Lucifer interacting with the other patients and I'm surprised Chloe was so easily swayed to let him keep doing it. And I was even more surprised by Linda's decision to help Lucifer break god out; except perhaps the signs were there the moment she started sleeping with Lucifer in exchange for therapy sessions last season. The riot on the psychiatric ward as Lucifer and God strode through the carnage, pillow feathers swaying through the air in slow motion as orderlies tried to control the situation, was spectacular shot; there was a stylish flare to the scene not usually seen on this show. Linda curtsying before God was the perfect finishing touch.

And then the episode really had fun with a number of romantic encounters. Linda and Lucifer watching from behind the bar as Charlotte and God reconnected in Lux was delightful. First the slap, then the dance; I genuinely wanted this man to be God even though I knew it couldn't possibly be. Meanwhile Maze's attempts to hook up Chloe and the Doctor for 'information about the case' was hilarious. "I've changed her sheets" brought a smile to my face. Amenadiel turning up and sharing pizza was fun too; there's always been an interesting spark between him and Maze and that seemed to rekindle a little here.

Lesley-Ann Brandt remains the true secret weapon of the show (along with Trixie of course). Soliciting threesomes with Chloe, trying to do the domestic thing and make cremated toast for breakfast; her attempts to engage with humanity are a more extreme version of Lucifer's but carry the same adorable charm. And I genuinely felt her betrayal when Amenadiel revealed the plan to get Lucifer, Charlotte and himself back to Heaven, leaving her abandoned back on Earth.

There was a decent conclusion to the murder, with the tale of a psychotic nurse killing patients, but like most of the show's cases, it was all about the characters. God Johnson wasn't actually God by a man possessed by the essence and knowledge of God after picking up a belt buckle that was actually part of the flaming sword of Azrael. Actually having God in the show - certainly ahead of the finale - wouldn't actually work, so this was the right decision but it was fun to see Omundson's attempts to play the big man himself.

Most importantly we got to see how these character's would react in the presence of God and there were some real surprises, suggesting that Lucifer and Charlotte's talk of revenge might not carry the conviction they say it does. And now the quest is on to find more pieces of the flaming sword, I'm intrigued to see what happens if and when they do storm the gates of Heaven.

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