Prison Break 5.05: Contingency

Since the very first episode the only question viewers have been asking is why has Michael faked his death. Rather than it be a cliffhanger, the answers are simply laid out for the viewer and characters to digest. In a nutshell, when at the end of Season 4 the gang were all exonerated by Kellerman, he simply didn't have the power to do such and Michael was blackmailed into helping out a shady operative called Poseidon, in exchange for real exonerations and for Michael to disappear and help him. So here we are, all explained and neatly tied up in a bow.

Tonight's episode entitled Contingency, finds our brothers at different purposes, Lincoln wants to head to the airport to meet up with C-Note and his party, Michael wants to leave Yemen by train. If only Michael had listened to Lincoln and not the other way around, they may have got away quicker. Cyclops, the one eyed ISIL operative, deduces Michael's plan and manages to get ISIL to intercept them as they head to the train station. They escape to a facility where Ja intercepts the ISIL party. They manage to lock away Cyclops in the melee and head to the airport after all. C - Note and his party arrive before them and manage to save a pilot and steal a plane ready for when they arrive. Before the boys can arrive at the airport, the area is too hostile and the pilot decides to leave without the whole gang. C - Note checks with Lincoln before they leave and Lincoln agrees, stranding them behind.

T-Bag is where the story is week in week out and this is no exception. He may only play small scenes throughout these revived episodes but he is the glue, along with Robert Knepper's delicious portrayal of the character, that keeps the episodes together. T-Bag shows last week's pictures of Jacob meeting with A&W and Van Gogh. He tries to appease Sarah's apprehension by getting A&W and Van Gogh arrested in which Sarah has to identify them. The episode ends with Michael and the gang running into the dark away from the approaching ISIL at the airport.

I have come to realise Prison Break works best when it is small and intimate. As an example, Season One, with the simpler plot of Michael breaking out Lincoln from Fox River and his burgeoning romance with Sarah. Here we are in Season Five and they are taking on ISIL single handed and the show makes it out they are trying to save the world nearly. The episodes lose the viewer when it tries to be a show like Homeland when in reality, Prison Break should know where is strengths lie and stick to them.

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