Supergirl: 2.18 Ace Reporter

Supergirl's first adventure back after her little broadcast break isn't, unfortunately, the strongest of entries.

Ostensibly a Lena Luthor story, I was happy to see Lena take a narrative leading role, even if she was once again the unwitting pawn of the villains. This also serves as the inevitable Kara gets her job back episode.

Lena's sexy ex-boyfriend/ex-business partner turns up in town, having perfected the nanotechnology the two worked on a few years earlier. Things didn't end badly so there is potential to re-kindle the relationship, something that Kara encourages.

While this is going on, Kara finds herself investigating the death by nanobot of a whistle blower from Lena’s potential suitors company. Perry-Lite, Snapper, is also competitively investigating the same story. Nothing about Snapper has ever quite sat right for me and seeing him rubbishing online journalism as well as chasing down stories with his trusty note pad when he should be, you know, editing the magazine just doesn't quite ring true.

Unfortunately Jaaaaames turns up this week, getting annoyed at Winn for bringing his girlfriend on a mission - James, dude, without Winn you'd be very dead by now! This side plot of James disapproving of Winn's girlfriend because she's a reckless vigilante is a messy little side note, tinged with hypocrisy on Jimbo's part. The fact James doesn't like a strong, powerful woman muscling in on his vigilante action life leans too easily into the already damaged toxic masculinity vibe of the character, though I'm sure unintentionally. This show really needs to give up on James.

The Kara/Mon-El stuff this week is good, if minimal. I still like their domesticity and his alien to our customs-ness. This all may start to wear thin but for now, I'm enjoying them as a couple. There is a smidge of the Lois and Clark about them that I really enjoy, especially when they go snooping in this episode.

The biggest flaw with this episode is that it isn't that much fun. It has a too often used monster in the evil nanobots as well as an obvious villain twist and predictably sad ending. Kara’s relationship with Snapper feels far too forced, she is a terrible reporter and he is a terrible editor, I’m not convinced Cat should have given either of them the jobs they have!

Katie McGrath and the whole cast are great this week but I really would have liked to see something a bit more interesting after no new Supergirl for a few weeks, hopefully things will ramp up a little now as it does feel like the show is still treading water. I still love you Supergirl but something needs to kick up a notch…

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