Prison Break 5.04: The Prisoner's Dilemma

After last week's episode with ISIL gaining the upper hand, they are now closer than ever on their assault on Sana'a. Michael and Ramal are still in solitary confinement. Cross is rallying other troops to find Ramal and use him as a bargaining chip when ISIL finally reach the prison.

After Michael's emotional video to Sara in a the previous episode he has gathered his emotions and engages with Ramal to escape as Ramal's cell has tools to aid their escape. One aspect of the show that is irritating since the excellent days of Season One is the amount of whispering, especially from Michael. Now don't get me wrong, when you are planning an escape from prison, fine, whisper, you don't want to get caught but in other places it seems unneeded and frankly, silly. Here he continues to whisper all the time.

Ramal, Micheal, Whip and Ja are able to escape jail as Cross and his goon's break into solitary confinement. Michael and the gang escape outside. At this point this is where the direction of the episode and the script become, for the most part, silly. Micheal lets one of the gang go but before doing so he hands him a slip of paper and shouts at him as if he is a traitor to confuse Ramal. The acting and script at this point is atrocious, when Micheal shouts after whispering for 90% of the episode, it takes you right out of the episode and says to you 'I am acting here'. The gang meet up with Lincoln, as war rages around them, and Michael is threatened with being beheaded by Ramal. At this point, Lincoln is actually on the back of an assault jeep with a .50 calibre gun attached to it. He manages to kill the jihadi gang and Ramal gets stabbed by Whip. The scenery behind Lincoln is clearly an out of focus, over lit green screen as if his scenes were added in later.

As always, what pulls you back from declaring this a terrible episode is the one and only Theodore T. Bagwell and his pursuit of Poseidon. After Sara instructed him to find the elusive mole believing him to be Kellerman in last week's episode, they confront each other here in a suburban home and after a tete-a-tete, Kellerman is shot by an unseen assailant, with T-Bag grazed at the same time. T-Bag leaves as a dying Kellerman is confronted by A&W and Van Gogh and finished off. T-bag pursues the assassins and finds them in conversation with Ness, Sara's husband as the episode ends.

It's really disappointing to see the revival of Prison Break going the way of Season Three Prison Break at Sona and not Season One or Two. Being a side character in those seasons T-Bag is the most interesting part of this short event series. Robert Knepper is T-Bag, with the Southern drawl and snakelike body language to boot. To be honest it's not the brothers plight that brings me back week after week, it's him and his anti-hero status increasing each week.

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