Prison Break 5.03: The Liar

After giving his passport away in the first episode Ogygia Lincoln has to find a way to get new forged passport's which means he has to fork out more funds. While trying to do this he gets caught alongside Sheba by ISIL and a goon called Cyclops who tries to rape Sheba, which is unnerving to say the least, but our hero, and her guardian, Lincoln, saves the day. He finally actually does something pertinent in this episode rather than brood and scowl at things.

The best character in this new run of episodes and if we think about it probably the show is T - Bag played so well by Robert Knepper (last seen in Homeland season six), hechases Sara and advises her to tread careful as two goons called A & W and Van Gogh, are tailing her. After they hack into her phone, Sara deduces that Kellerman isn't just the 'desk jockey' he said he was. There are so many strands at play here, it takes a while for everything to fall into place while watching a show like this. In a strained scene, Sara tasks T-Bag with investigating Kellerman, the way Sara acts around T-Bag we forget after all these years what happened between the pair and her body language and frightened demeanour shocks you back into realising that T-Bag is dangerous and a snake. His accent still chills to the bone.

Back at Ogygia, an inmate, Cross, who refused to leave his brother Muza in the escape, warns Whip that Micheal cannot be trusted at any point in his escape plan. Michael manages to obtain a guards gold watch and plant it on Ramal so he can be remanded in solitary confinement during their escape and out of the way. Here is where the big revelation comes in. Since the very beginning, the viewer has to question why is Michael back in prison again? Surely he has had enough of escaping prisons and just wants the quiet life, especially after faking his own death. Here we find out the revelation that Michael is actually working for the CIA along with Whip. Whip is concerned that the line between Michael Schofield and Kaniel Outis is beginning to blur, this will be an interesting plot thread to explore in the remaining episodes.

Micheal and the gang prepare to escape once again but in the madness of the escape, Ramal's party, Cross and Muza race to Michaels cell resulting in Muza and the whole team getting recaptured as C-Note looks on just over the prison wall with freedom within their grasp. Back in solidarity, Ramal announces he will kill Michael the first chance he gets as Micheal records a final farewell video to Sara on a dieing cellphone.

A better episode this week but one that marginalises the best character in the show namely T-Bag. With th revelation of Micheal working for the CIA and his emersion into the prison community as Kaniel Outis it will be interesting to see how far he falls down the rabbit hole where the line blurs between who he really is and who he is playing.

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