Prison Break 5.01: Ogygia

In today's TV landscape of 'event television' with big shows returning to our screens like The X Files and Twin Peaks all manner of shows are returning that we thought were long put to rest. Step forward Prison Break a fantastic series for its first two of four seasons and then it crashed worse and burnt worse than the plane in the opening scenes of the Lost pilot. That fourth season was terrible and the ending?! After nearly 5 years of life investment in these characters, they kill off one of the main characters like he was a fart in the wind. Horrible, terrible writing and worse, disrespectful to the viewer.

So here we are, back where we left off our intrepid band of characters. We've had the team break out of prison, try and stay out of prison and now we have a situation with a brother on the inside and a brother on the outside. Where we started all those years ago but the twist here is that its Lincoln on the outside and Michael on the inside.

The episode starts on a character who turns out to be the star player of tonight's episode, entitled Ogygia, one Theodore T. Bagwell (Robert Knepper) getting released from prison himself. The scene plays out like that wonderful teaser trailer for Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps with Michael Douglas' character getting all his old stuff back, giant phone and all. T - Bag gets gum and a giant laptop, a comical scene played out as only T-Bag can eloquently rasping in his Southern drawl. In his possessions is a photo showing what looks like Michael next to a window with a mosque in the background and a cryptic message scrawled at the bottom.

Hunting down Lincoln, who is hiding from some shady characters of his own, T-Bag shows the photo to Lincoln and the game is afoot. Is Michael alive after all these years, why would he fake his own death and for what ends? Lincoln obviously goes to see Sarah, who is living domestic bliss with a new husband, bringing up Michaels son, Mike, as best she can. The intrusion of Lincoln is not a favourable one and she immediately dismisses his ideas but after she is nearly killed in an attack by an assassin, she slowly comes on board.

After decrypting the hidden message on the photo, Lincoln buddies up with a returning C-Note, leaving Sucre behind, and visits Ogygia, Yemen, where the prison is located. One filled with hard, dyed in the wool, political prisoners. Not a very good place to be heading and especially after Lincoln has had to trade in his American Passport for access to the prison.

Alongside this, T-Bag has been contacted by a prosthetics doctor who has been informed by a mysterious doctor to provide him with a new state of the art hand, replacing the current wooden one, riddled with tallies of his time in prison. The mysterious benefactor is called Outis, which is Greek for 'Nobody'. Outis will crop up later in the episode.

We finally get to see Michael at the end of the episode but being a Prison Break veteran, we can see everything is not as it seems. Michael makes it loudly known that he does not recognise his brother and wants to be led away back to his cell. Before he does so he leans on the cage with palms open with two new eye tattoos on his palms of his hands. Clearly showing the audience that someone in the prison is watching. As Michael turns away he has a pained expression on his face as Lincoln cries out.

First and foremost, its great to see Prison Break back but concerns cannot help but be raised. Will this be the same show from Season One or the godawful Season Three or Four. On this showing, the setting suggests 3 or 4 unfortunately. The plot point of making Dominic Purcell's Lincoln front and centre as the lead character is a little bit worrying also, not being the strongest character, seeing him emote is a little jarring to say the least. On a more positive note, having T-Bag back in all his glorious slippery, snake like Southern drawl persona is a joy to watch. A character surprisingly missed by this viewer and although not with the main team yet, will surely be involved in no time at all.

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