Girls: 6.07 The Bounce

Elijah: The last time I touched a basketball was in sixth grade when I only literally touched it.
Athena: Why the fuck did you try out for a basketball musical?!
Elijah: Because I thought the whole point was white guys aren’t any good at basketball.

With the end fast approaching, it’s about bloody time that Elijah Krantz got an episode all to himself. Well, not quite all but *mostly* about him. He’s the love of Hannah’s life and as she ventures into the world, a cool, tattooed, single mother, he deserves more than the drug abuse and broken heart storyline. Elijah decides to attend an open audition for new musical White Men Can’t Jump! I know I chuckled for far longer than I should have. He’s preparing to leave when there’s an unexpected visitor at the door - the ex; the man who cast him aside, the beautiful baldy with the velvet voice, Dill Harcourt (Corey Stoll). The paps are on his famous tail after he, idiotically, tried to buy a white baby on the black market.

Marnie arrives home to an eviction notice and has a mother, Evie, who is not prepared to loan her daughter any more of her ‘fun money” but has a couch should she need a place to stay. Privileged, whiny and deeply irritating, Marnie’s deplorable personality traits have meant that I’ve cared very little about the direction she’s heading. It seems to take the kindly Pawn Shop owner (Nikolas Kontomanolis) to make her face up to some home-truths and proves that her parents are the worst in the world when it comes to attaching barefaced lies to crappy gifts. Okay, she does throw a hissy fit in typical Marnie fashion before stuff sinks in: “I’m on the precipice of homelessness and all I’ve ever done to anybody is love them!” Purh-lease love, grow up and take some chuffin’ responsibility, Marnie Marie!

Elijah, tempted to bail before his monologue and singing number (FYI, it’s Let Me Be Your Star) for Dill reasons befriends a fellow auditionee Athena Dante (Latisha Di Venuto) who persuades him to forget the ex and stick around. Tony/Grammy award nominee Andrew Rannells has a beautiful voice but it’s still a delightful shock to hear his rich tone leave the mouth of Elijah, and he’s not a terrible dancer but Jesus, is he horrible with a basketball.

Hannah is waiting on Paul-Louis to call her back. It’s the phone call she has been in two minds about making and everybody has had an opinion about and… it’s the most disappointing conversation. While she has been adamant about facing the whole situation alone, up until he hangs up, Hannah believes on some level he will offer to help, he will want to be a part of their baby’s life. His response, once he recalls who she is (it’s the pubic hair that finally does it), is your typical stoner “woah”. He doesn’t want a kid, does like the name Grover, and then dismissively gets her off the phone. “He doesn’t want a kid and he’s not going to bother me. It was easy. I wanted it to be easy and it was.” Hardly surprising and yet it hits her harder than, I think, anyone was expecting, least of all her and she finds some comfort in the unlikely form of Dill. He, who attributes their respective situations as a collective and provides a shoulder to cry on while he weeps uncontrollably in her lap.

This week’s episode, again seems to be somewhat similar to last week’s in the sense of tying up some loose ends. However, Elijah leading the episode is genius, I’m looking at you, Tami Sagher. He finally realises what he wants and stands up for himself. Dill, once callous and a bit of an arse seems to genuinely care and wants to make a go of things. Here’s hoping. They do seem a grand fit and perfect potential godparents in the making. The Bounce is the ideal pilot if an Elijah spin-off were ever on the cards. Its great he’s getting his happy-ever-after, even if all the others and their futures hang somewhat uncertainly.

There are just three episodes left and a few more endings to wrap up - where is Shoshanna, why has there been so little of her this season? Will Adam realise the huge mistake he made with Jessa? Will mini-Banana have Paul-Louis’ beautiful brown eyes? These are all (very) pertinent questions, and for the many reasons I don’t want a hugely happy, convenient, and unrealistic ending, I want Hannah and Adam back together. I know, I’m disgusting. For some of us, was the perfect antidote to Sex and the City which never quite hit the mark and has proved completely more relatable. The thought of no more in a mere three weeks is heartbreaking. Hannah Horvath has proved, indeed, to be the voice of a generation.

Roll on next week...

Estrada Sul by Lulu Martin ℗2012 Soundtrack Music
Let Me Be Your Star ℗2012 Columbia
Million Dollar Secret by Lucius ℗2017 Wildewoman Music

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