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More images from the Twin Peaks revival courtesy of Entertainment Weekly

Not content with the first look of returning cast members in the upcoming Twin Peaks revival? Well following the release of Entertainment Weekly's covers, the magazine has also revealed these first look images from the upcoming season, which reveals just what some of our characters look like twenty five years later.

Feast your eyes on these exciting new images!

First up is David Lynch's FBI boss Gordon Cole and Miguel Ferrer's witty FBI agent Albert Rosenfield...


Remember David Duchovny's first FBI agent role before The X Files? Well he's back as FBI Agent Denise Bryson.


And here's the show's most adorable couple Lucy and Andy...


The RR Diner is still there after all these years and Shelley is still working with owner Norma.


Surely the coolest character in Twin Peaks? Michael Horse is back as Deputy Tommy “Hawk” Hill.


And finally, here's a behind the scenes look as Lynch directs James Marshall as James and a new character played by Jake Wardle on the set of Roadhouse.


Are you as excited for more Twin Peaks as much as us?

The X Files

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