Legion: 1.06 Chapter 6

At the end of episode five, Syd closes her eyes as the exact moment when the Devil with the Yellow Eyes was about to thrust himself upon her. Once she opens her eyes again, she finds herself in a completely different setting, mid conversation in a therapy group session at the psychiatric ward which viewers may remember from episode one. We see Syd navigating the episode in these clinical surroundings, overcome with a strange feeling of partial amnesia, unable to pin-point why everything feels off to her.

We get a glimpse into the other patients; our mutant protagonists who have now been rendered powerless by high dosages of tranquilizers. David, Melanie, Ptonomy, Kerry, Cary etc. they all seem blissfully unaware; their mutant powers, in this reality are translated into psychotic inflictions. It’s as if the last five episodes never happen as there are hints that current happenings may be part of some bigger dream or a parallel universe; but they don’t give enough information to re-assure viewers that perhaps this setting is temporary.

As Syd walks down the sterile corridors of the ward, she randomly sees an-out-of-place carved wooden door, but is unable to peek inside at that moment. She is unable to locate the door, upon return to the spot, only for the door to reappear at the end of the episode, perhaps the unlocking would mean, the release from their current state of amnesia?

Audrey Plaza’s Lenny Busker, impersonates the role of the psychiatrist in this episode, and perhaps the biggest clue, that the current state perhaps masks something more sinister. Her therapy sessions are intrusive and manipulating as she provides misleading advice to her patients; convincing them further and further of their poor psychological state. Then we have a rather surreal moment, where Lenny breaks into a dance montage to Nina Simone’s Feeling Good, and to complete the scenes there are added James Bond-esque graphics.

Episode Six, feels like another filler episode, but not in the sense that it distracts form the plot, but more sue to its slowness of pace. Audrey Plaza does a wonderful job as the erratic psycho-therapist Lenny Busker; the highlight of the episode. There is a cruel intention behind her actions, unbeknownst to the viewer as therapy sessions consist of giving one ludicrous advice after another, but in those moments, we see her unable to contain her craziness, seemingly unhinged; her patients too doped up to notice.

There are stunning sequences throughout the episode which appear dream-like, where we get flashes of memories or some supernatural occurrence, amazing visual effects as per usual, from our protagonists. These scenes however aim to confuse more than anything else, as they don’t follow the continued narrative from episode 5; it’s all jumbled up. Something that we have now been accustomed to with Legion.

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