Arrow: 5.15 Fighting Fire With Fire

Well that was a deftly played double bluff. After making it blindly obvious that District Attorney Adrian Chase was Vigilante, the rooftop fight between the visored foe and Prometheus delivered a surprise twist as Prometheus pulled off his mask after battling Vigilante over the rooftop and revealed it was Adrian all along. I started to doubt Chase was Vigilante during the brutal assault on mayor Oliver Queen's limo earlier in the episode; being complicit in the cover up over Detective Malone's death, it seemed a strange move to want to take out Oliver himself.

But even without the knowledge of the comics (where Chase is Vigilante) the case had been stacked against him for weeks, proving that the show could play the long game by pulling out the rug from under us when we least suspected it. Plus it also leaves the question as to who is Vigilante's real identity is, making him a more interesting player in the weeks ahead.

Fighting Fire With Fire was a strong episode, handling the fallout of the revelation that Mayor Oliver Queen had covered up the murder of Malone. It was surprisingly quick for him to face impeachment (but then television can dream; real life politicians seem to be surprisingly harder in impeach). And this led to some intriguing murky territory for Thea and Felicity.

I picked up on Thea's ruthlessness last week in destroying Susan's reputation and this week she was all to eager to blackmail the seemingly innocent councilman leading the charge against Oliver. I actually would have like to have seen her moral descent continue over the season in the manner akin to her bloodlust last year. Yet it appears as if she has already come to the end of that journey and left the show. I wonder if the move from masked vigilante and now her position working for the mayor will see a more reduced role for Willa Holland in Arrow? I'm struggling to see where she will go next.

As for Felicity, her journey to the hacker dark side almost seems complete. She was all too willing to help Thea blackmail the councillor by using the Pandora files and despite some wise warnings from Diggle, she has joined the mysterious Helix group, which will surely bring her into conflict with Oliver and friends at some point. Dinah meanwhile continues to be a great addition to the team, going head to head with Vigilante in the thrilling Limo attack scene and then using her detective skills at the crime scene to help track him down.

As for poor Curtis, it was so obvious that his dinner with husband Paul was not going to go as planned and it was heartbreaking to see his excitement at a possible reconciliation. As for the restaurant scene (in the obviously redressed coffee shop from The Flash), you could tell that Paul was there to hand him divorce papers rather than a happy ever after. I still don't quite buy Curtis's determination to be a masked hero when it jeopardises his marriage; perhaps sticking to cool inventions and hacking skills would be a safer option?

This week's Arrow delivered a blinder of a revelation and I can't wait to see how it plays out over the next few weeks. Josh Segarra has been one of the best additions to the show and his evil turn at the end, kidnapping poor Susan after her reconciliation with Oliver, suggests he's really going to let loose over the final run of episodes. And despite the Russian flashbacks filling a little bit filler, I'm still excited to see how Oliver ends up back on the island in time for the events of the pilot. So far the show has retained the high standard it began with this season and I'm eager to see how it all plays out in the end.

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