Legion: 1.03 Chapter 3

Episode Three of Legion continues the colourful, complex, multi-dimensional extravaganza; where we find David Haller (Dan Stevens) still at the mutant sanctuary, still unable to claim his supernatural powers, but not for lack of him trying. As the Chapter unfolds and David’s deep-seated memories are explored, the lines between reality and fantasy and the past, present all blur into one convoluted ever changing storyline to expose David as an even bigger super power mutant than was originally thought.

In this episode we are taken further to the depths of David’s memory where it is revealed he is the most powerful mutant there is; possessing an array of supernatural abilities rather than just a specific one. His mentor Melanie Bird (Jean Smart) confesses to him, that she is unable to carry out the usual orientation process on, which would allow him to hone in his ability, due to David’s unintentional reluctance which equates to barriers he puts preventing them from enter aspects of long term memory, specifically life moments when his supernatural abilities came to the surface. We discover David was a junky, the possible cause of the break-up of his then relationship, also he has been haunted by sinister characters from a creepy children’s book his father bizarrely read to him at bedtime. Further along the episode, his sister’s whereabouts are disclosed, David manages to teleport himself, like a ghost figure, to the cell where she is being held and interrogated with the use of lychees by an officer who is possibly a mutant.

Melanie decides to sedate David and in doing so hopes to prevent him from barring them from any thoughts which seemingly works as they manage to delve deeper than before, into his memories. There they encounter a child version of David, their guide through adult’s David mind. Disturbing scenes follow where the sinister storybook creatures make their appearances, almost attacking our portagonists causing the Melanie, Ptonomy and Syd to violently wake up; apart from David who remains sedated, locked into his own nightmare; trapped in a black hole surrounded by people from his past shouting at him.


The whole episode is a cacophony of memories, as viewers are thrusted back and forth from one recollection to the next. The mayhem and looseness of plot that creator Noah Hawley’s chooses is surprisingly very watchable. There is an underlying narrative, which helps of course and that is of David attempting to reclaim his natural abilities, but it is all told in a uniquely non-linear fashion. All these jumbled up memories of David as a child, as a junkie, as a mental patient, as a paranormal force of nature as well as all these menacing story book figure from his consciousness; making it all such a rich visual feast to the eyes.

The episode also sees Syd and David relationship blossom even further, they declare their feelings for each other, despite them being unable to touch each other, Syd’s mutant abilities make it impossible for them to touch. Stevens keeps his David very tightly closed-up, introverted almost; there is very little evolution in his character in this episode. Maybe we will be treated to a crescendo moment in the next few episodes when he owns his supernatural powers. Interestingly there is very little focus other mutants and their powers, the attention is predominantly on David and by default due to proximity, on Syd.

Perhaps in the following episode we will get more details why the government suppressing mutants? Or find outwhat are the resistance plans? Will we see familiar faces of other mutants from X-men? I guess we shall see…

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