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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine documentary has broken through $200,000 crowdfunding!

Adam Nimoy, who previously put together the documentary, For The Love Of Spock, has launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund a new documentary to mark the 25th Anniversary of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

The documentary will feature the show's key writers sitting down to sketch out a hypothetical eighth season of the show with a focus on the storyline of the first episode. It also will feature interviews with most of the main cast, although it would appear Avery Brooks may be absent from the project.

The impressive thing is how quickly the documentary has raised the money it needed - $150,000 (£120,000) in just one day. For a series that will likely never get the HD remaster treatment and was considered by some to be a disappointment in terms of ratings it just goes to show how highly it is held by fans - critical opinion usually places it at the top of the Trek TV pile.

At the time of writing the crowdfunding has broken the $200,000 and is increasing fast. The next stretch goal is $250,000 which will see the documentary length increased to 90 minutes from the planned 60.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine ran for seven seasons between 1993 and 1999 and followed the crew of the space station, Deep Space Nine on the edge of Federation space next to a newly discovered wormhole.

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