Taboo: 1.04

Tom Hardy, in an interview stated that from episode 4 or 5, the action would ramp up. That sufficient setup would have occurred to dispense with it.

And it begins strongly, with a scene that perhaps could have ended episode three; the arrest of the Widow Delaney for the set up assault on the Duke of Richmond to protect her honour. A setup to force Lorna to change the will and sign over the relentlessly mentioned Nootka Sounds. In exchange for which she won't be thrown naked to the inmates before hanging. All whilst waiting for James to rescue her. Lucky for her, his intervention came in a timely fashion.
Elsewhere, James is barred from purchasing gunpowder. So clearly we need a new character, a genius chemist by name of Dr Cholmondeley, played by Tom Hollander, recently of The Night Manager. And so James' plotting continues apace, while he broods in a window the The Crow.
These plots are starting to resemble a montage of a team assembling for a great confrontation. A very slow montage, punctuated by grunting, violence and posturing. The restraint of common man James Delaney is set against the grasping overindulgence of the upper classes and his opponents. Though it appears this subversive duelling will perhaps be replaced by one more literal. We don't fancy the chances of Zilpha Geary's husband. Just like we're not really fancying the chances of a change in pace of Taboo.

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