Homeland: 6.02 The Man In The Basement

If there was ever a time for the words "I love you" to be mentioned in Homeland it was tonight's episode. In the world our characters inhabit, there isn't a lot of love, mostly hate, anger and frustration. A window into our very real world at this point in time.

We find Quinn, our titular Man In The Basement, engrossed in conspiracy talk radio. An already confused man, listening to rhetoric, that further clouds his mind. Carrie is concerned that Quinn won't, or isn't taking his pills and he will have a fit out in the big bad world. We see this exact scenario enfold as Quinn visits the local corner store to "get food in cans" and he has a seizure. The scene is shown through 'Quinn vision' as we see what he sees in triplicate and out of focus. He is seriously messed up and needs help.


Carrie and Reda continue to interview Sekou but are becoming increasingly agitated as we find out about the timeline of a loan of $5,000 and when it was given and when airplane tickets were bought. As we get further and further into Season 6 and our characters are fleshed out, we learn to trust them less and less. Someone as relatively innocent and Sekou now cannot be trusted and his very words cannot be taken seriously.

The scenes between Dar Adal and Saul are always a masterclass in acting. You can feel every word is not wasted, every facial grimace a means to an end. Saul's steely, chilly reserve in the presence of Dar is very familiar. Saul does not take betrayal lightly. Remember the events with Allison in the German Forest in previous seasons? It would be wise for Carrie to watch her back in future episodes.


The episode is directed by Keith Gordon, a journeyman director of US television, but fact fans, the lead character in John Carpenter's devilish car movie Christine . The overall look and feel of the episode is well directed with the cinematography and lighting in the 1600 hotel room a standout scene

The role Carrie plays this season is motherly. As well as mothering her own child, she is mothering Quinn. As the boundaries of her life are being attacked she is trying to keep her home life together. A particular biting "it's not nice to snoop" is something maybe Carrie should be telling herself as well. Life imitating life if you will.

Back to the opening paragraph of this review. If there was ever a time to say " I love you" it was in the scene of Carrie and Quinn watching Quinn's poisoning video (on Carrie's phone no less, how very modern). The actor's having played their respective characters for a while now they know exactly how to play this unspoken love perfectly. He touches her arm, she touches his chest. The unspoken love aches out of the screen. The back and forth dialogue of "you saved me" "Yes" "Why?" "Why?....Why!" screams for one of them to confess their love and its something hopefully to be spoken in coming weeks as the episodes progress before something bad happens.

This early in the season who says what will happen but as always Homeland keeps you glued to the edge of your seat as this very present world scenario plays out across our TV screens. May it continue to educate and entertain all at the same time.

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