Legends of Tomorrow: 2.06 Outlaw Country

Yeeeeeeeehaaaaaw! The Legends are back in the rootin’ tootin’ Wild West for another visit with their old buddy, Jonah hex.

This episode is pretty much a sequel to the season 1 Jonah Hex story and as such, while is plenty of fun, does feel like it treads old ground a couple of times. The plot involves Jonah’s arch nemesis, Quentin Turnbull who is played by the great Jeff Fahey. There is some plot that involves mining Dwarf Star Magic Plot Metal which is very convenient as Ray could do with some of that to make a new Atom suit.


We get to see and hear a bit more about Hex and his tragic past at the hands of Turnbull and I’m really glad the show is spending time with this quirky, interesting character from the DC stable. While Fahey is great – he’s got a few previous western roles under his bet – the presentation of Turnbull perhaps isn’t as badass-intimidating as it could or should have been. This dude has been eluding Hex for years, tormenting him by his very existence yet he’s pretty easy to catch in the end, especially since he spends a lot of time telling people his evil plans.

Sara is increasingly good as the leader of the gang but I’m still missing Rip’s useless yet confident approach to leading things. Mick and Ray seems to have slipped away as a concept as Amaya seems to be moving in into Mick’s sidekick role now? Mick, you’re so fickle! Unless they’re doing some kind of Mick trying out everyone as a possible partner approach? Stein and Jax still don’t know what to do with the information they got from Future Barry and with Stein having weird flashbacks/new memories this is presumably a result of Flashpoint…. Bazza, what have you done, mate!?!

Generic Nate gets very excited about visiting Cowboy times and he’s sort of taking over the Ray geeking out role a bit. He does get his Steel costume this week, which is pretty cool – I like how silly and comic booky it is, because Legends don’t care! What is interesting is, when they visited 1863 a few weeks back, that was an unpleasant, dark, racist, war torn America with – by this shows standards – a seam of realism and historical accuracy. When they visit Jonah Hex’s wild west, only really set a few years later, his America is a far more comic book, movie Wild West world, nowhere near as realistic.


So Turnbull has made some exploding bullets from Dwarf Star Magic Plot Metal which his boys use to do baddie stuff and the team have to stop him, steal some of the Dwarf Star Magic Plot Metal and blow up his mine for good. Its pretty standard stuff but there is some great interplay between Sara and Hex, with Hex not too keen at first on a woman in command of the Legends and the finale, while not the best they’ve produced narratively, was fun as it had explosions and Steel stopping a speeding steam train by standing in front of it and turning CGI.


Over all I wasn’t blown away like the first time they visit Hex but I hope they keep coming back.

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