Supergirl: 2.08 Medusa

It’s the start of the big cross over week and we kick things off with Supergirl… well, sort of.

Its Thanksgiving and for some reason everyone is at Kara’s apartment for dinner, I get Winn, J'onn and Mon-El who basically have no living or clinically sane family to speak of but why is Jimmy there? He has a Mum and Grandma right? Not to mention much closer, older friends (uh, Superman and Lois?) back in Metropolis. Is he just there to keep an eye on Kara? Has he become that awkward friend you can’t un-invite to things? We get Helen Slater in this opening scene, who I will never not be in love with and Alex getting drunk to come out to her mum was a nice, subtly done touch. Though when they later discuss it, the use of the phrase “Regular life” when Alex's mum talks about what she’d wanted for her daughter, perhaps wasn’t quite the right wording. Still, the whole storyline has been beautifully handled.

While I am completely over the alien bar now, I didn’t want to see everyone die! After an attack on the bar that kills everyone, Mon-El is left critically ill. Luckily Kara's medical scientist mum is on hand to look after him at the DEO. Hank is showing himself to be a ruthless villain and is far more interesting than Cadmus has been as a whole.


Mon-El was a little generic when he first cropped up but I'm actually finding his falling for Kara really sweet (not to mention bringing the stuffing from his mattress to Thanksgiving after Kara asks him to bring stuffing) and Kara asking him outright if he liked her was another really nice example of this show avoiding forced conflict by having characters just discussing how they feel. I also love the fortress of solitude in this show, it's got the best aspects of Donner's fortress design combined with its own unique feel

There is a lot going on in this episode with J'onn dealing with his white martin blood poisoning, Alex and her sexuality, Mon-El and his feelings for Kara and Hank Henshaw generally being a no good villain. As for Kara, she and the DEO now know that Lena Luthor’s mother is involved in Cadmus, so Kara – as reporter and friend - goes to Lena claiming to be writing a puff piece to get some details about how involved with her mothers work she actually is. I really like Katie McGrath and her Lena is always enjoyable to watch. We’re lead to believe that she is in cahoots with her mother until the very end of the episode when she reveals herself to be tricking her own mum into exposing herself so the DEO can swoop in and arrest her. Within the episode this was a slightly predictable twist but I still don’t totally trust Lena, more because I don’t trust the show not to give us an obvious big villain twist. Perhaps I’m being judgmental and should wait and see what happens with Sister Luthor.

So we keep teasing the Flash all episode, a couple of times we see a Vibe vortex try to open near Kara (first disrupting Thanksgiving dinner) but that’s pretty much it in terms of anything to do with the crossover. It's interesting as this is entirely a Supergirl season story arc ep and pushes the show’s main stories and character developments forward a lot, it really doesn’t concern itself with setting up the crossover aliens story.


In the Alex storyline they won me back, after the unintentionally awkward conversation with her mum, when Alex told Maggie she needed to embrace her new normal which is a great phrase and then… they kiss! Yaaaay! Maggie and Alex! Maggex? Alggie? Either way, I’m really happy! Lets hope no one gets fridged… Alex and Maggie aren’t the only ones doing kissing this week, when Mon-El, after being ill from the earlier bar attack, finally puts the moves on Kara. Jimmy, who thankfully was barely in it this week, will be possessively angry I’m sure.

So by the end f this very fun, character work filled episode J’onn is cured – in a very tacked on kind of way - Cadmus stopped, all star crossed lovers get together and Lena is definitely (maybe) a good guy but… what about the aliens and The Flash , Arrow the Legends Of Tomorrow and the big crossover? Once everything is fixed Barry and Cisco turn up for about 30 seconds to ask for Supergirl’s help, she instantly agrees and that’s it. That’s all there is to connect this episode to the wider storyline.


While this was a very strong episode of Supergirl, as part of the 4 night event it was a bit of a let down. In its own right, its great; emotional, pushes the main arc forward, gives closure to several characters immediate storylines and generally does what the show does best very well but as a part of the big event it was incredibly unsatisfying, with its involvement in the over reaching story little more then a pre-credits sting and judging it on that criteria it was a bit of a disappointment. Lets hope the other shows put in a bit more effort.

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