Supergirl: 2.06 Changing

This show starts with an excellent opening scene! Its a little bit The Thing and has a nice edge of scary to it, I would have liked to see more time put over to that opening!

I’m getting a bit bored of the alien bar already. Like The Bronze in Buffy, The talon in Smallville or the Martini Bar in Ally McBeal it’s the only place anyone goes and once established the characters never stop hanging out there! That said, drunk Kara is fun. I love how open and mature the characters and show are being about Alex’s sexuality. Alex’s coming out to Kara is another great scene in the Alex‘s Sexuality storyline. Although this may be coming out in a perfect, supportive world, it still feels very real.


The Parasite is a villain I really enjoy in the comics and it’s great to actually see this bad guy on screen, the slow burn of the physical development of the character is nicely done and the eventual reveal of a fully realised Parasite was very strong. Again, the story of the villain of the week feels a bit like moving wallpaper for the main character development. I do think the show gets dangerously close at times to neglecting the weekly story while it focuses on the over reaching character arcs. This isn’t a problem in itself as the character arcs are the strongest part of the show but if they’re going to continue with the monster of the week stories they need to integrate it maybe a touch more.


I feel like the programme makers have painted themselves into a corner with Jimmy and I’m not entirely sure how they rectify it at this stage. His desire to become a vigilante still feels a little whiney and entitled. Winn standing up to Jimmy is great and, even though it was inevitable that he’d help Jimbo out eventually, I like that there has been some genuine resistance from Winn and he’s growing on me more each episode. Ultimately though, I’m really not invested in Jimmy as Guardian, not just because I can’t get on board with Jaaaaames as a character but also because it’s a very lazy and obvious character development that crops up in too many action shows. This is a show about Supergirl, I don’t need or want some guy in combat gear muscling in.


Mon-El continues to become more interesting and his desire to be better as a person is very sweet.

Kara feeling like she failed Alex and didn’t create an environment where she could discuss how she felt earlier was perfect, though there was an awkward irony when Kara apologised for always making everything about her secret… then compared what Alex was going through to her keeping her secret! When Alex confesses her feeling to Maggie my heart broke, this has been such a lovely, sweet romance that to see it cut down like that, in such a relatable way was an emotional gut-punch. Chyler Leigh has been exceptional throughout this whole storyline.

This was over all another great episode, though I’m pretty sure Supergirl kills a guy?

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