Hooten & The Lady: 1.04 Bhutan

You've got to love the nigh-procedurality of Hooten & The Lady. If it wasn't for Alex and Ed's forthcoming nuptials, there'd be no over-arching plot or divergence from the template. Hooten's in danger, gets drawn into a quest with Lady Alex in some far flung part of the world based on an existing example of the genre. Then betrayal, loss of riches, everything works out okay.

This time the quest takes them to Bhutan, to find Buddha's scroll, in a structure not dissimilar to Temple of Doom; rope bridge and all.
This time there's a time limit: Hooten's been poisoned, with the antidote only available if/when he comes back with the scroll. And even if they're successful, there's gangsters (of course) hoping to relieve the heroes of the loot.

This episode wasn't as action-packed as normal, but it still keeps its brisk pace. There are more quiet moments than normal, fitting to the theme of Buddha's scroll, but perhaps also in keeping with morsels of Hooten's backstory. It seems there's a dead son involved, for which Hooten still blames himself. Perhaps why he has such strong links to nuns, who perhaps cared for his son. And at last we meet Ed, Lady Alex's elusive fiancé! He seems... normal, nice even. Theoretically unlikely to betray her and Hooten by the end of season 1. We shall see if that continues to lead where it seems to.

None of these backstories are big or complex. As has been alluded to in every review, HATL is stronger for that: Just enough plot to keep things ticking over, add as much fun and hijinks as possible along the way. Under no circumstances would this be sustainable over a 22 episode season, but this point we're halfway through the eight episode season, and the pace is just fine.

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