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Lots of new details about Star Trek: Discovery. Female lead to be called Number One.

Over at Aintitcool, new Star Trek: Discovery showrunner Bryan Fuller has been giving more details about the new Star Trek series, ahead of its debut in 2017.

We already know that Star Trek: Discovery will be set in the prime universe, 10 years before the Kirk era with a female (non captain) lead, but now Fuller has given a bit more information about her identity and it harks back to the very original Star Trek pilot The Cage.

The female lieutenant commander will be called Number One, which Fuller stated would honour Majel Barrett's character's from the original pilot. We will learn her name before the end of the season.

Of the thirteen episode series (Fuller would actually have preferred to do just 10), he will script the first episode with Star Trek Into Darkness screenwriter Alex Kurtzman, while episode two will be written by Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan screenwriter Nicholas Meyer. Jesse Alexander (who wrote for Heroes and Hannibal) has also joined the writing staff. On the progress made so far, Fuller told Aintitcool...

"We have the first three scripts [completed] and then we have outlines for [hours] four and five. We know what the story is for episode 11 and it's one of my favorites for the season." - Aintitcool

Perhaps most interesting is that Fuller has hired addition co-showrunners in Gretchen Berg & Aaron Harberts. As for casting announcements, Fuller confirmed that we would start to hear something around October.

Finally, Fuller addressed the decision to set Star Trek: Discovery in the prime universe - something that has been met with almost universal praise from fans.

"Really when we developed the story it could take place in either Prime or Kelvin so the timeline was relatively inconsequential. But there was the cleanliness of keeping our series independent of the films. That way we don't have to track anything [happening in the movie universe] and they don't have to track what we're doing. And you can have two distinct universes -- one where Sulu is straight and one where Sulu is gay." - Aintitcool

An interesting remark there over the controversial decision to change Sulu's sexuality in in honour of original star George Takei. Fuller has of course previously stated that Star Trek: Discovery will feature the first gay main gay character in a Star Trek TV show.

We'll bring more news as we have it. Star Trek: Discovery will air on Netflix in 2017.

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