Dark Matter: 2.07 She's One of Them Now

This week's episode was certainly the most fun one yet as the crew of the Raza embarked on a mission to hunt down the mysterious Alicia Reynaud (Inga Cadranel) and find out what the key really does. It was also a great episode for showing just how far these characters had come in recent episodes, epitomized by the return of season one recurring character Talbor Calchek (David Hewlitt) as he observed a very different crew to the one we saw last year.

Take the Android. Her scene in Nyx's room as she tried to console Nyx over the loss of her brother and feelings of being an outsider was genuinely heartwarming. Zoie Palmer has a real ability to convey overt emotions within her robotic expression and I loved the moment she reassuringly patted Nyx's leg. There was almost sarcasm in her tone as she threatened Talbor if he tried to escape; it was these moments that made this possibly my favourite episode of the season, a balance of light humour against the darker tale unfolding.

It was also fun to see Das / Five really emerge as an essential member of the crew. She has really grown this season and this week she really kicked ass, hacking into Alicia Reynaud's secure facility after they forced Talbor to help them track her down and then taking the lead on her mission with Three / Marcus and Four / Ryo. The highlight of the episode had to be her getting to work on hacking the computer in the clone chamber and giving Marcus something to do by passing her the plate of biscuits! Talking of clones, the technology of cloning oneself to travel from one part of space to another is one of the coolest concepts in the show.

We got some really interesting developments too as the three of them learned that Alicia had stolen a technology that would allow any ship to create wormholes across space, travelling the stars instantaneously. It's a technology that would be a huge advantage to any of the corporation in the upcoming war predicted last week and so naturally the best course of action was to steal it for themselves. Ryo and Marcus found themselves captured at the hands of Alicia and tortured by her sadistic henchman while Das made the perilous escape with the stolen device needed to power the key and create the wormhole technology. There was a lot of opportunity for cool action sequences, tense drama and comedy (Ryo telling Marcus he needed to dislocate his shoulders to enable their escape). The firefight between the Raza and Alicia's ship and the Android's daring execution of their escape was another cool moment but again Das proved herself, getting to Portia and Six / Griffin in the shuttle in the kick of time and delivering a devastating plan to Alicia's plans. This really was Jodelle Ferland's episode.

And let's talk about Nyx and Devon. There was a nice interplay between them this episode as Nyx recognised that he was an addict and tried to help him deal with the darkness within him; the death of a young girl on an operating table as a result of his addiction. I said last week that I found Devon the least interesting of the crew but this episode helped to develop him a little further. So to deliver that shocking final scene was a real pulling of the rug from under the audience. We still don't now if the sudden reappearance of the Seers from last week's episode and Devon being shot in the stomach is the end for Shaun Sipos's character, but it certainly looks bleak.

Between the seers, who now appear to have ruthlessly killed one of the crew, the machinations of Alicia Reynaud and the return of Kris Holden-Ried's Galactic Authority Inspector Kierken, tracking their every move, there are some really interesting villains at play and in the backdrop of the impending war, it really does feel as if the writers are moving all the chess pieces into place. On top of that we had the surprise cliffhanger as the Raza attempted to use the wormhole technology and vanished into who know's where. Dark Matter has certainly been building to something all season but I think this is the first episode I went from really enjoying to loving. There is the potential for great things to come and I can't wait to see what happens next.

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