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Once Upon A Time

A new show starting this 'fall' in the US, Once Upon A Time has been created by Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis - both veterans of Lost - so there is an awful lot of hype and goodwill surrounding this show. The proof is of course in the pudding, and ABC have tried twice already to replace Lost. FlashForward was a valiant but failed attempt which had been shut down before it truly got up to speed and The Event was again something which showed promise but also a high level of trash. This isn't a done deal. The show sounds rather cool, but quirky:

A 28 year old abandoned as a baby is found by the child she gave up for adoption. This boy believes his biological mother is the missing daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming. They live in an alternate world, obviously. Why is she not still with her fantastical parents? To avoid the Evil Queen's curse. Natch. Intrigued by the boy's clearly ridiculous (?) story, she winds up with the kid in Storybrooke, a place which magic has been forgotten but still lingers. It sounds like a fairytale in the modern world. Very post-modern...the characters still exist, magic still exists, but no-one knows it. No-one knows they are who they are. So the stage is set for a battle between good and evil, as all good fairy-tales are, but will Emma get stuck in?

We'll find out fairly soon - Bex is on the ground at Comic-Con and about to watch this. By the time you're reading, she may already have. So please go here and see if Once Upon A Time is one to watch when it makes it's way over the pond!


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