The Flash: 2.20 Rupture

Things are hotting up now as The Flash season two nears its finale and while Barry's decision to give up his powers to Zoom a couple of weeks ago still seems ludicrous, it has set in a motion an number of exciting events. This week we were introduced to Rupture, a flaming-scythed meta human from Earth 2 and the return of Zoom, hellbent on conquering Earth 1's Central City and it was a thrilling race to the end.

I wondered how long it was going to take for Barry to agree to Well's plan to recreate the explosion that gave him his powers; turns out Zoom murdering a unit of (redshirt) policeman did the trick. There was a great build up to that event, as Cisco had a vision of his estranged brother Dante, before it was revealed that it wasn't his brother that he needed to reconnect with; it was Dante's evil doppleganger from Earth 2. And Rupture was a great baddie even if - as has been a common theme this season - he was dispatched too quickly again at the hands of Zoom. For someone who took control of Earth 2's super powered population rather successfully he seems to have had a knack for disposing of them quickly.

Evil Ronnie Deathstor, evil Caitlin Killer Frost, evi Cisco Reverb and now evil Dante Rupture; four great baddies that have been sadly underused, but then one of season two's biggest failures is its ability to stop short of delivering on its amazing premise. We've had the possibility of alternate worlds but only been to one; the chance for characters to interact with their evil counterparts only for them to die rather quickly. It would have been amazing for all four established metahumans to follow Zoom over from Earth 2 and wreak havoc, but they were gone all too quickly. At least Rupture got some great actions sequences with his scythe before Zoom took him down too.

I also wonder if this would have been the perfect point to kill off Joe - in a mirror of his 'death' over in Earth 2. Zoom taking out the police force in front of the cameras was great stuff but underpinned by the refusal to kill anyone the audience cared for. Zoom murdering Joe at this point would have been tragic but been an even stronger motivator for Barry to try and get back his powers. Don't get me wrong, I love Jesse L. Martin's performance on the show, but it could have been as momentous as Moira's death at the hands of Deathstroke in Arrow season two. Even Captain Singh made it out alive.

Barry's decision to become The Flash again was fuelled by the three father figures in his life; Wells demanding he take the risk, a returning Henry arguing against it and Joe firmly in the middle. The scene where they argued over Barry's plan of action was nicely played, so much that I wonder if they will all make it to the season's end. Joe may have survived Zoom this time but if the villain wants to achieve his potential, he needs to kill someone important to Barry. Perhaps the throwaway line to Barry's mother's maiden name being Garrick offers a clue to Henry's demise?

Oh and Iris and Barry finally had the talk. I'm still a Barry / Patty fan but once Barry finds a way back that need to finally become a couple. No 'I can't be with you to protect you' nonsense please.

The ending to Rupture was brilliant as Barry was seemingly vaporized in the explosion and Wally and Jessie were caught in the blast. To be honest, its something that has been coming since Wally turned up on the show and I'm intrigued to see where these two characters go next. Next week Kevin Smith directs The Flash and he has quite a cliffhanger to pick up from.

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