Supergirl 1.12: Bizarro

This week, as the title suggests for those with a knowledge of DC, Kara has to deal with her evil (more misunderstood) twin.

Maxwell Lord, billionaire tech whizz, has been doing experiments on the comatose girl Hank discovered last week. Using Supergirl’s DNA - he got some when she fought that really, really awful Red Tornado a few episodes ago – he’s been manipulating her biology to match Supergirl, with mixed results. After waking her up she goes all dark eyed and crackly skinned before changing to look exactly like Kara. Lord then tricks Bizarro-Supergirl into going off to find the real Supergirl, under the pretence she’s a baddie.


This episode is fun for the Bizarro stuff and has some nice touches but it gets far too bogged down in the tedious character of Cat’s son, Adam. We have to sit through Kara going on a date with him and how this affects both Jimmy (I won’t call him James) and Winn. I really don’t care. I don’t care about Adam, I don’t care about Jimmy and I really absolutely don’t care about Winn. I wish I did care, just a bit more but these good looking, whiney adults acting like teenagers who lack the ability to express any emotions they’re feeling are so bland and predictable they just bore me. Without wanting to over compare, shows like The Flash seem to imbue their charters, no matter how supporting, with charm and wit but outside of Kara, Cat and Hank this show is suffering from a major case of bland.

This is also the obligatory ‘can I be a hero and have a life’ episode that these shows all seem to get to after a while. It’s a good question and one worth exploring but I’d like a bit more imagination in how it’s done.


Eventually Bizarro and Supergirl have a showdown, which results in Kara saving people. This confuses Bizarro who goes back to Lord, questioning if Supergirl really is bad. Alex and hank decided to use Kryptonite to try and tackle Bizarro but of course, it just makes her stronger, angrier and she starts to crack… Literally, she’s cracking up and deteriorating something rotten! Kara tells Alex that Lord sent Bizarro out to get her and that Kryptonite is useless, leading Hank to search for some Blue K. I find Chyler Leigh really likable and think she’s kind of wasted a lot of the time as Alex, the problem this show has is that its supporting characters seem like weakly defined clichés, just there to support the lead character, which is highlighted more by the strength of Kara, Hank and Cat. I’m hoping it can right itself as it goes forward – this is, after all, still its first season!

Lord, angry at her disfigurement at the hands of Kara and the DEO, convinces Bizarro that Supergirl must be stopped, so Bizarro goes off again and eventually decides on kidnapping Jimmy, to lure Supergirl out. During his imprisonment, Jimmy confesses that he has feeling for Kara before she turns up and defeats Bizarro. Bizarro’s only known you half a day Jim and she worked that out enough to kidnap you. Hank manages to incapacitate Bizarro with the blue Kryptonite and she and Lord are imprisoned at the DEO, with the former placed into an induced coma for her own safety.


Bizarro is always a very sad and tragic character in the DC world, someone who gets everything backwards and wrong but only truly wants to do good. Thanks to the studio cutting the running time we missed out on the Bizzaro sequences from Superman IV and in Smallville he was little more than an evil twin. While the long story padding of this episode is some of the worst so far, its still one of the best – if brief – explorations of the Bizarro concept we’ve seen in live action and I hope they revisit these characters and themes in the future.

At the end of the episode Supergirl returns home to find a big, weird plant on her coffee table, as she stoops down to examine it a huge, tentacled creature drops down from the ceiling and engulfs her. This was a genuinely unexpected and quite creepy, yet exciting, cliffhanger to a mixed bag of an episode and left me really wanting to know what happens next week!

(Also, Adam left town because blah blah blah who cares about that Dawson’s Creek-looking geek, Kara got eaten by a triffid!)

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