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"Why do Satanists affiliate me with goats? I don't even like their cheese!"

In the penultimate episode of season one, Lucifer Morningstar came face to face with a real life Satanic cult and needless to say he was far from impressed. Fake executions with dummy knives, hokey masks and a general sense of people rebelling for the sake of it; it was all enough to disgust Lucifer and his goat line was one of my favourite of his quips this season.

But hey - a great case! The fact that it was so tied to Lucifer helps and while the show has - sadly - not gone down the route of murders caused by supernatural means, at least it gave a chance to delve deeper into what makes Lucifer tick and his connection with Chloe. Admittedly I'm finding myself baffled but what she believes when it comes to her partner - does she believe he is the devil and therefore why would she let him into her house with her daughter? Or does she believe it is all a facade, in which, why would she let a crazy man into her house?

Either way, it requires a large suspension of disbelief. Just like the idea that Malcolm and Dan would go back to working together after the whole kidnapping fiasco of last week. The fact that Dan hasn't tried to explain the whole breakup by text thing with Chloe in three weeks also seems a little bit of a stretch, but hey, I'll go with it. And Malcolm's sudden admiration of Lucifer, revealing himself to the actual killer and calling himself 'Team Lucifer' (hence the title) was a fun reveal. Malcolm certainly isn't getting out of the season alive, certainly not after betraying Amenadiel too and I kind of hope it is a rather sticky end for this nasty piece of work.

Talking of Amenadiel, things took another violent step forward as Mazikeen failed to kill the angel and Lucifer came face to face with his 'brother'. All the deceit and backstabbing that has been going on all season is starting to come to light and Chloe must surely be starting to realise the truth now. After all, he demanded to know if she was an angel set to weaken him (I did love his overt attempts to avoid her just to ensure he was no longer vulnerable).

And in the end, the tables were turned and Lucifer found himself framed for murder. I'm not sure this is a bit enough cliff-hanger to go into the season finale, but then Lucifer hasn't quite delivered on its intriguing premise. But I am still very much entertained and look forward to seeing how it all wraps up next week.

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