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Twin Peaks revival wraps filming...on two seasons?

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The latest (and possibly most anticipated) TV revival has just wrapped production, as David Lynch completed principal photography on Twin Peaks. The series, which will air on Showtime in 2017, has largely been kept under wraps from the media. Besides Kyle Maclachlan and Sherlyn Fenn returning and new cast members being announced, there has been virtually no details about what the third season will be about and what other original cast members will be back.

Meanwhile Welcome To Twin Peaks, which has been closely following the production, picked up this tweet from Go For Locations a couple of weeks ago, which has been providing relaible information about the shooting.

The tweet states that Twin Peaks has almost wrapped on filming for two seasons. It remains to be seen if Showtime support this claim, but it may go hand in hand with last year's announcement that David Lynch would be directing more than the originally-planned eight episodes.

Details about the Twin Peaks revival are trickling in slowly - hopefully we'll see a trailer soon - but really, 2017 can't come soon enough!

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Who killed Laura Palmer remains one of the most iconic TV mysteries of all time. David Lynch's mix of supernatural, procedural and twisted soap opera had a lasting mark on television and returned for an unprecedented third season more than twenty five years after its cancellation. Check out our 'Twin Peaks Revisited' reviewing every episodes of the original two seasons and the prequel movie Fire Walk With Me' and the weekly reviews of the 2017 revival...

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