The Flash: 2.16 Trajectory

"A lady speedster. It only took us two years, but we finally got one."

Actually Cisco, we really didn't. Not to say that this week's episode of The Flash was bad, but after the marked improvement of the last three weeks, Trajectory failed to maintain that level. With Zoom and Jay Garrick (who also is Zoom) gone it felt as if the writers panicked that there wasn't another speedster for Barry Allen to fight. The trouble was it felt like a rushed job to add another speedster just for Cisco to make that line when there are plenty of good meta humans for the Flash to fight - where is the return of Hartley Rathaway / Pied Piper from season one? He was quite a good villain.

Trajectory didn't really add anything. It gave the chance for the new editor of Central City Picture News (surely the blandest newspaper title ever?) the opportunity to run stories branding the Flash a hero-turned villain, but there was no real motivation behind that and the storyline between Iris and her editor was plain dull. And it is a shame because there was some great ideas struggling to get out too; was Trajectory a homicidal split personality of Eliza Harmon? And if so, was this other personality killing before she got her hands of Velocity 9?

It was an intriguing premise that never really followed through and while the fights between Flash and Trajectory were fun, we've seen a lot better with the Reverse Flash and Zoom. She had a nasty, rather tragic end though, overdosing on Velocity 9 and vaporising - though it was all in service of team Flash realising that Jay Garrick was Zoom.

Barry's whole motivation to return to Earth 2 and stop Zoom is a little puzzling. Yes I get that he is concerned for the poor citizens of this alternate world, but his Earth is seemingly safe and he knows better than anyone the consequences to trying using his powers for good intentions. Barry's step to realising that Zoom was on Velocity 9 - and dying - was a little contrived, but nice use of Cisco's Vibe powers to uncover the truth. It continues to add some motivation to the story ahead.

For me it was actually the character moments that made this episode. Cisco acting as Caitlin's brother and bantering like the good old season one days and his hilarious dance moves. Plus his SNES controller with a zimmer-frame TV shirt was awesome! And there was a nice scene between Iris and Barry as they addressed that they were married in the future and on Earth 2; it was a mature, heartfelt conversation that felt like the inevitable progression - though now the writers are obviously going to pair her up with her editor to drag this love story out further. Which I'm okay with if Patty comes back because she had amazing chemistry with Barry.

Trajectory had some great ideas but it wasn't always well executed. The latest speeder wasn't really needed at this stage and didn't measure up to the Reverse Flash or Zoom and her split personality story needed work. But there was some nice character stuff going on that kept the standard of the show high and a sense of fun to combat some of the angsty drama going on. Which is what the show is all about.

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