Heroes Reborn - Sundae, Bloody Sundae

'Sundae, Bloody Sundae' is a terrible episode title. 1983 is a reference further back in time than normal, but let's not forget the actual Bloody Sunday, which U2 referenced with reverence, and the journeyman writing them for this episode have not.

While we supposed that all things present were as they were before the time travel, and then a return back to the future (look, if Kring can crowbar in dodgy references, so can I), it appears there are some differences after all. Or, perhaps they haven't changed, and it's merely us that has changed, if that isn't too post-modern.

Quentin Frady, whether he was before or not, is now definitely working for Erica. Tommy/Nathan hasn't run off yet and is still in Small-town, IL with his little girlfriend. Malina and Luke are now best friends. Erica now kills animals for fun, to show us she's a Bad Person. Still at least the bitty, piecemeal structure is still back unchanged.

But there is forward motion. Nathan, the Evo formerly known as Tommy, has been told his past and destiny. Erica's daughter Taylor meets up with the HeroTruther movement. And Matt Parkman's back again, and worse than before. Jailer, executioner and manipulator, Heroes' everyman gone from stooge to monster.

The best moment of the episode was the Mexican stand-off in the ice cream parlour. But the worst, even we choose to ignore the denouement, was Nathan's beyond ridiculous "Noooooo!!!!" that preceded it.

I think a sub-average episode after a stream of them just leaves you apathetic. You keep watching because you're nearly all the way through the season and why not get to the end? But after an excellent episode like last week? The ashen taste of disappointment is nearly too bitter, and apathy turns to something worse than worse still.

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