Heroes Reborn - June 13th Part Two

The Butterfly Effect was a term coined in 1969 by American mathematician, meteorologist, and a pioneer of chaos theory Edward Norton Lorenz. This theory, illustrated by the supposition that a butterfly flapping its wings in South America could affect the weather in Central Park, was first applied to meteorology, then chaos theory and now… Time travel. In the second part of this two-parter set in the past, Hiro Nakamura frequently extorts Noah to ‘beware of stepping on butterflies’, that any overt activities undertaken by the time travellers could have dire and unpredictable effects on the future.

We have two versions of Noah in the ‘present’ of this episode, the year of the Odessa Incident; we have the events of 15 years ago, a timeline to which the twins were sent, and an uncertain future that may be unraveling as the episode unfolds. In amidst this we have two Hiro Nakamura’s (technically), a young man with his abilities, a mindreader in the form of returning guest telepath Matt Parkman, a soothsayer in the form of Angela Petrelli and a man who can take memories. That’s a lot of threads to weave together, in a show that has struggled with lesser knots than this of Gordias.

However, in this case Heroes Reborn surprises us; writer M. Raven Metzner, known primarily for his script for the Elektra movie, has done what might previously have though impossible, or at least unlikely. The episode, rather than feeling bitty and piecemeal, has a good flow and a good pace, even with the multiple timeline threads; things are explained without being expositioned, and personality origins for Miko and the Collins’ feel emotional and real rather than forced. If only the show had had this quality of writing from the start, it might have retained audiences and won a second season.

It’s too early to say whether Heroes Reborn has now found its feet and will power on through to the finale, which admittedly is still five episodes away despite feeling imminent. But, with the time travel and flashbacks concluded, we’re at least more invested in what happens next. For despite the hints and the fears about a changed future, it seems that fate had its thumb on the scales all along. Again, well established, well misdirected and well paid off. Easily the most accomplished episode so far.

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