Lucifer: 1.10 Pops

I write this episode review, really hoping that Lucifer gets a second season. Sure it's not the best thing on TV. The cases are generally weak but boy is it fun and this week was a lot of fun. More than that it feels like there is so much more potential here and with just three more episodes after this one, season one is going to be over before it's barely got started.

The case was generally one of the better ones; a well-renowned chef is murdered and Lucifer is devastated...that he won't get to enjoy such creat cooking again. The range of suspects range from the bad girl-turned protege, a wayward son recently returning to the fold and an ex employee with a bad drug habit. Okay, so it isn't the most original and even the whole 'poisoning yourself with a mild dose to avoid suspicion' trick has been done before but it was well paced and a great way to keep Lucifer interested in the case.

Yes it was for utterly selfish reasons, because he was going to miss the Mexican cuisine but there was a nice attempt to identify with the suspect son and his 'daddy issues'. And it led to that wonderful moment when Lucifer invited the 'suspected poisoner' into Chloe's home to cook for her and his family. In fact the whole dinner scene between Lucifer, Chloe, Dan, Chloe's visiting mother and the suspected killer was comedy gold. Particularly the very uncomfortable line "So you're kissing now? Right. Maybe that explains why you won't have sex with me." which put an end to the family dinner right then.

Ah Dan, you try to be interesting but aside from that encounter with Maze a few weeks ago, I am struggling to find a purpose for you on the show. His side plot being blackmailed by Malcolm is already feeling dragged out and I thought the episode was going to end with Malcolm shooting Lucifer after putting Dan to sleep. I really hope this isn't dragged out to the finale.

His daughter however is adorable. After her grandmother dolled her up like a 'drag queen', she ran out of the house to find Lucifer and took a cab to Lux. I loved her meeting with Maze, the demon obviously trying to make her out and pouring her a whiskey. The fact that Maze considered her 'a friend' is both disturbing and adorable. And after the impact Linda made on her a couple of weeks ago it is just as fun seeing Maze find herself in the world as Lucifer. Can we have a whole episode that is just made of intercutting therapy sessions between Linda and Lucifer and Linda and Maze please?

Finally we had the legendary mother, played by Rebecca De Mornay. She played Penelope well and was exactly the kind of fading celebrity, leopard-wearing, dominating former starlet that she was made out to be. Though she did play almost exactly the same character as Trish's mother in Jessica Jones - though perhaps with a little bit more heart here. I did find it amusing too when Lucifer turned on the charm, making Chloe visibly uncomfortable.

I'm not sure I totally brought the drunk Chloe coming into Lucifer ending, but I guess its purpose was to show just how far Lucifer had already come after trying every trick in the book to sleep with her a few episodes earlier. But some questionable decisions aside, Pops was another solid, fun episode of Lucifer. And it had another hilarious opening as Lucifer attempted to seduce a staff member with strawberries in the middle of the crime scene. Has it gone room to develop? In spades, but with what it is currently doing, it is still a very enjoyable show to watch.

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