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Captain Britain TV show - No confirmed series but it is being pitched to Marvel

Just before Easter, rumours were rife that Marvel were developing a new TV show based on the Union Jack-wearing Marvel superhero Captain Britain, when award-winning poster artist Ciara McAvoy posted this tweet.


While there has been a lot of anticipation over the potential project, there has finally been an update from producer Chris Leek who has confirmed that there is no confirmed Captain Britain series but one is being pitched to Marvel. And McAvoy has been helping with that pitch.

"Ladies & Gentlemen, I’m here to confirm that I and my co-producer Eleni Larchanidou are working on a highlight reel for a TV series based on the Marvel Comics character Captain Britain for 2017. Right now we are in very early stages of development for this idea and working on things like the budget for this reel to take to Marvel for 2017 with hopes of them helping us with the series. Thank you so much for your interest in Captain Britain and expect more news later this year and early in 2017. Thanks so much also to Ciara McAvoy for her help with this series project too."

Brian Braddock, aka Captain Britain, was created by Chris Claremont and Herb Trimpe in 1976 as the UK's answer to Captain America. Imbued with superhuman powers thanks to a magical amulet, Braddock became the leader of Excalibur, a British equivalent of the X-Men.

Given the level of interest on last week's rumours, Marvel already have some positive buzz to consider if they greenlight the series. More news as we have it.

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