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continued its trend of bucking the inevitable trend of becoming a bog-standard procedural drama this week as the Prince Of Hell teamed up with his enemy Amenadiel to track down his stolen angel wings. While Chloe and her ex Dan have grown on me over the weeks, it is the bubbling conflict between Lucifer, Amenadiel and Mazikeen that has really engaged me and so the chance to explore that further and understand just what makes the devil and his antagonistic angel click made Wingman one of the best episodes yet.

The wings were learned, were the vessel by which Lucifer could rule Hell and he had literally shed them when he started his 'vacation' in LA. What was most interesting about his search for his stolen property was that internal conflict; if he got too close to them he could be tempted back to his old life but to leave them aside made him look weak in front of his enemies old and new. Tom Ellis was able to bring some depth and surprisingly some sympathy to the role - this version of Lucifer is one that does not seem wholly evil, rather his position as king of Hell was forced upon him. That's not to say we didn't get the usual level of Lucifer-ness, his scenes with Amenadiel sneaking into the private auction and loudly declaring that everything was a fake were great fun to watch, but we got more to the character than we had seen before.

If anything, the real villain of Lucifer is Amenadiel; D.B. Woodside brings the right level of angelic righteousness and is an imposing figure next to Ellis's sharp-suited devil. Even then I was surprised with the charm and humour he conveyed in this episode as he team up with Lucifer. Intriguing too that Chloe was immediately swayed by his charms when she seems impervious to Lucifer's - I mentioned last week that Maze and Dan hooking up would be a fun dynamic for the show; Chloe getting caught between the angel and the devil could have dramatic consequences, though I suspect that is more reserved for Linda (sadly absent from this week).

And so Lucifer choosing to deny Amenadiel on the beach and torch his wings seemed to be the final act of defiance that ended any question of his return to Hell. But Maze saving one feather suggests that door isn't completely closed and while she remains fiercely loyal for now that secret act shows just how ready she is to return. At least she gets to have fun while she is on Earth though as the seduction of the smuggler in the hot tub proved at the start of the episode.

With Lucifer working with Amenadiel, Chloe found herself teaming up with Dan on the case that left her ostracised from her colleagues in the LAPD. The case to prove the dying cop was in fact crooked and then discovering that he was set up by someone equally duplicitous within the department was engaging enough if standard cop show fare but it worked alongside Lucifer's own case and both the detectives proved they could work outside the supernatural confines of the show. I hope it leads somewhere interesting though.

Wingman paired two of the most interesting characters in the show and kept the show fresh and engaging. We got more depth in Lucifer and more humour in the 'villain' and while nothing amazes me yet, it is still a very fun show with an interesting mystery to keep the audience going. Lucifer has just passed the midpoint in its debut season so now is the time to step things up a gear but I'm in now up to the end...

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